Make it a Summer to Remember at KidzToPros Summer Camp

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Summer camp should be exciting and challenging! Kids want to explore and discover the magnificent world around them. At KidzToPros, your child will develop a life-long love of learning, as they develop critical skills and learn the values of teamwork.

There is something for every child at KidzToPros. Your child can participate in engaging courses such as coding, engineering, digital arts, game design, virtual reality and so much more!

Innovative, age specific learning that transforms the way your child sees the world and themselves.

STEM, Sports and Arts at KidztoPros Summer Camp


On-campus or online, your child will learn outside the box! At KidzToPros, STEM learning is innovative and hands-on. The instructors provide many unique projects that promote adventure and discovery. Your child will engage in activities that are thought-provoking and fun!

KidzToPros is passionate about physical education. The instructors are determined to help your child explore and discover every sport. Paired with STEM and art sessions, your child will improve focus and reduce stress as they learn the basics of basketball, tennis, soccer, and much more.

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From ages 4 to 14 you can find the perfect summer program to match your child’s interest and ability. Summer camp by age allows instructors the ability to help children explore the world around them as well as tailor the learning with specific skills for success. At KidzToPros, your kindergartner can have the same opportunity as your 8th grader in an age-specific instructional atmosphere.


With an extraordinary line-up, KidzToPros offers professional instruction designed with every child in mind. Light a fire in your child as you match their age and interest. KidzToPros summer camp provides your child with the opportunity to discover more about themselves and further explore their interests.

Kids can’t stop talking about KidzToPros and here’s why!

Wonder League Robotics

STEM takes on a whole new meaning as your child learns with “Dash”, a dynamic STEM robot! Yes, your child will have an awesome opportunity to work in teams of up to 5. These STEM teams will learn how to program their way through a series of increasingly complex missions. Your little scientist will be challenged as they learn to think critically, problem-solve and grow with their team.

Digital 3D Modeling (Character Design and Animation)

Creators ages 10-14 will enjoy creating their own characters, environment, and objects to be used in a video game. This digital 3D course is uniquely blended with art and technology.

Each child will foster creativity and innovation as they manipulate 3D shapes and add lighting effects. In addition, campers will also use critical thinking to enhance their models with texture, shading, sculpture, and rigging for animation.

Makerspace: Vehicles and Structural Engineering

The possibilities are endless as your little scientist uses age-appropriate materials, tools, and techniques to engineer fun projects such as cars and bridges. During this course kids will utilize the process of testing, improving, and providing constructive feedback.

Masterspace Games and Toys

Calling all master engineers! Use your creativity and building techniques to build fun projects such as arcade-style games and catapults. Each child is challenged as they engage in coding techniques; learning to critique and design as a team.

Play Every Sport

At KidzToPros, your child will have the opportunity to let loose and have fun with all sports! Each early childhood program is paired with amazing physical education. With the excellent staff at KidzToPros, your child will learn how to master each sport.

Sportsmanship is the expectation as each kid participates in fun games and learns the basics of all sports. Is your athlete older and ready to dive deeper into a sport? Check the basketball, tennis, and soccer options for age 7-11 in Grapevine, TX.

Explore, learn and thrive at KidzToPros STEM, Sports, and Arts Summer Camps for kids ages 4 to 14.

Ready, Set, Let’s Go to Camp!

Dallas has many dates and locations to choose from!  Use the camp locator to find the location nearest you. Once you pick a location, browse through the courses for each age level.

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