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How are your bras, ladies? Loose? Saggy? Beige? 

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I know my nursing bra is less than flattering (although efficient!), and the other bras I’m eagerly waiting to get back into probably don’t even fit anymore. Carrying, delivering, and feeding babies change our bodies and that includes the boobs! But we do not have to suffer in stretched out, beige bras forever!

A few of us had to pleasure of attending a Wacoal Bra fitting event at Hotel Zaza a few days ago. Of course we had a blast sipping wine, enjoying snacks, and mingling with some seriously stylin’ fashion bloggers. But the real reason we were all there was to oooh and aaah at all the gorgeous, sexy, tasteful collections of  Wacoal lingerie

Once we were all fitted for our correct size, we were pretty much all shocked to find out we were wearing the wrong sizes! Did you know that your bra size can change up to SIX times in your lifetime? If you haven’t gotten yourself fitted for a bra in a while, I would definitely recommend you do so!

photo (2)We got to peruse colorful, fun bras and panties from both their classic collections and their slightly-edgier line by b.tempt’d. I actually loved the b.tempt’d line, and for those interested, I ordered this little number (in blue!). It’s one of their most popular styles and SO cute!

Next time you are on the hunt for a new way to style the girls, skip Victoria’s Secret, and head to most major department stores to check out the amazing selection by Wacoal.


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**Wacoal did not compensate us or ask us to write this post, but we did receive complimentary products for attending the event…which made us very happy mamas.*


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