Get a Bra, GIVE a Bra with Vanity Fair Lingerie’s Lift Tour


Dallas Moms Blog was invited to join Vanity Fair Lingerie in the the #LiftTour bus for a free bra fitting! While we did receive a complimentary bra, we were so inspired by their movement, we wanted to share their cause with you! 
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If you’re a woman, I can almost guarantee you need a new bra!  We are so notoriously bad about replacing that basic undergarment regularly.  I myself can barely find time to take a shower, much less go shopping for a bra.

Before I realized what happened, my bras were all four years old, stretched out, and not fitting exactly right…but I kept cramming myself into them every day.  I’ve heard that 80% of all women are wearing the wrong bra size, and I believe it!  I definitely was one of the 80%…but not anymore!

Last night, I and several other Dallas Mom Bloggers were invited to an event hosted by Vanity Fair Lingerie at the JCPenney at Stonebriar Centre.  Vanity Fair is doing something so inspiring and exciting right now!  They are in the middle of a “Here’s to Women Who Do” campaign and are traveling the country on something called the  #Lift Tour.  It’s the perfect name because they are literally giving women a “lift” in more ways than one!

For every woman who gets a free bra fitting measurement, Vanity Fair is donating a bra to Dress for Success– a local organization that provides professional attire and career development tools to disadvantaged women.  

We hopped on the Lift Tour’s air conditioned bus, and in less than 5 minutes were holding our correct bra sizes in our hands.  After our fitting, we wrote inspirational notes and tied them to bras that would be donated.

Image 8I loved the personal touch of writing a note to tie on the bra I donated.  But the women at Dress for Success are not the only ones getting a “lift” as I soon found out.  I was given a free bra to try by Vanity Fair, and I loved it so much I bought 2 more on the spot that evening.  With the $5 off coupon I received at my free fitting and the buy 1 get 1 50% off sale at JCPenney, the prices couldn’t be beat.

When I put on my new bra this morning, I felt like a totally different woman.  My own spirits were “lifted.”  I had totally underestimated the power of a well-fitting bra!  I can’t stop gushing about my new bra and how I feel on Facebook with the other Dallas Moms Blog contributors. I’m so much more comfortable and confident today just because of one little detail.  If I had known it would make this big of a difference, I would have bought new bras long ago.

The Lift Tour will be at the JCPenney at Stonebriar Centre TODAY, July 25 from 11-3.

Don’t miss the chance to get perfectly measured, donate a bra and a few words of encouragement, AND pick up some new bras for yourself at great prices.


**The Dallas Moms Blog contributors received a free bra for participating in a sneak preview of the #LiftTour; however, all opinions are 100% our own!




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