Family Fun: Trinity Groves


IMG_1441When the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge was first conceptualized for Dallas, people joked that the project was a “Bridge to Nowhere”.  A lot has changed over the last few years and while the south side of the Trinity River may not be the most developed part of town, things are changing every day and you definitely want to check out the new culinary mecca known as “Trinity Groves”.

At the foot of the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge, lies a 15-acre outdoor complex filled with many different and ever-evolving restaurants.  The restaurants are unique because they are part of an “incubator” program where chefs are given a chance to start their own restaurant using investor funds.  

Potential chefs and restaurateurs pitch their concepts to the Trinity Groves investors and if chosen, have strict guidelines and targets they need to meet to keep their space.  (Think Shark Tank, for restaurants.)

IMG_1440With the weather finally taking a cooler turn, Trinity Groves is a wonderful space for an afternoon with the family.  Most of the restaurants have large outdoor patios (always a preferred spot for my family with our loud preschooler!) and there is plenty of space to walk around.

While many of the eateries accept reservations, I think it’s fun to walk around and check out the menus of each of the places before making a dining decision.  Are you in the mood for Chinese or seafood or American or bar food or Spanish food or baked potatoes or…. (The options at Trinity Groves are endless!)

If you get there in the early evening or afternoon, waits aren’t too long.  Of course, this place becomes quite hip and waits are much longer during prime evening hours.  That’s always a good time to come back sans kiddos for a date night!

Trinity Groves also has a microbrewery on site with Saturday tours at noon and 1:30pm.  Make sure to warn your kids that samples aren’t available to anyone under the age of 21!

And after your meal, what about burning some calories on the newly renovated Continental Bridge?  This pedestrian and bike bridge opened last summer and is located directly next to the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge.  

When I visited the Continental Bridge recently, I felt so hip and urban with the gorgeous Dallas skyline view at bay.  The city keeps the calendar full with a whole host of fun events on the bridge. Your kids will enjoy the fun rock climbing equipment on the south side of the bridge and the splash park during the warmer months.  

More information:

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Have you spent time in Trinity Groves?

What’s your favorite thing to do? 


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