Enneagram Mother’s Day Gift Guide


Mother's Day gifts by Enneagram TypeMother’s Day is fast approaching! If you’re wondering what to get Mom this year, you may not need to look further than her Enneagram type for a gift she will love. I polled friends and family of all Enneagram numbers to come up with perfect gifts for Mom this year.

If you don’t know Mom’s type yet, have her take this handy Enneagram Personality Quiz before you start shopping!

Gifts for Enneagram 1 {The Reformer}

The most popular answer from our Enneagram Ones was a gift card from a shop or restaurant you know they already love. That way, Mom gets to choose what to get, but the sentiment is still there. Another idea is personalized stationery, which I think is a perfect option for our most practical Enneagram type. Here is a really beautiful personalized stationery option. 

Gifts for Enneagram 2 {The Helper}

Enneagram Twos are often too busy helping others to focus on themselves. The best gift for a Two would be a spa gift certificate, so Mom can spend some time being pampered for once. Other Enneagram Twos admitted that the best gift they could receive is a personal note or letter telling them what they mean to you. Moms do a lot, and Twos love to be recognized for their hard work.

Gifts for Enneagram 3 {The Achiever}

I kept seeing one answer over and over again with Threes: “Just ask us what we want!” (Spoiler alert: One other personality type had this same answer!) Another common request among Threes was to take some tasks off their plates. Dads, are you listening? Now is your time to shine for your Enneagram Three wives. Cook, clean, and get the kids ready for bed while Mom pours herself a glass of wine and helps herself to some uninterrupted time with the remote control this Mother’s Day. She’ll love it, I promise!

Gifts for Enneagram 4 {The Individualist}

If you have a Enneagram Four mom in your life, one thing I can tell you for certain that she DOESN’T want, is the same thing as every other mom. Go with a piece of statement jewelry in her favorite color or something handmade from a local shop. Here are some local boutiques that are sure to be a hit with the Individualist in your life:

Gifts for Enneagram 5 {The Investigator}

What subject is your Enneagram Five mom into right now? Try getting her a coffee table book on her newest interest. The Investigator wants to know everything there is to know about her hobbies and interests. Another answer I got several times from Enneagram Five moms was alone time! Pack up the kids for the afternoon and leave Mom with a good book and her favorite snacks! (Stay tuned, one other Enneagram type asked for the same thing!)

Gifts for Enneagram 6 {The Loyalist}

There’s nothing an Enneagram Six values more than her people. I should know, that’s me. A loyalist mom would love a personalized photo gift with her favorite people. A scrapbook or framed photo from that spring photo session she made y’all get dressed up for. Or check a site like Shutterfly for a plethora of photo gifts. Another thing an Enneagram Six loves is feeling safe and cozy. Grab mom a new pair of comfy pjs she’ll be sure to love.

Gifts for Enneagram 7 {The Enthusiast}

Enneagram Seven is definitely the most fun and spontaneous of all the Enneagram types, so I got a lot of great answers when crowd sourcing. The common theme was a surprise experience. An impromptu trip or a fun family outing planned just for Mom will be a big hit for sure. Another fun idea for an Enthusiast Mom is a travel bag stuffed with her favorite snacks, travel sized beauty products, and magazines. Check out this pretty weekender bag from Fawn Design.

Gifts for Enneagram 8 {The Challenger}

Remember how I said there was another type that wanted to be asked what they wanted? That was the #1 response from Enneagram Eights! Let them pick it out, then wrap it up with a smile! Another fun idea from our Enneagram Eights was a portable blue tooth speaker.  Check out this cool one from Amazon—your type Eight mom can blast her favorite hype song everywhere she goes.

Gifts for Enneagram 9 {The Peacemaker}

Peacemakers also appreciate their alone time! That was the biggest response I got when asking type 9 friends and family. Give them an afternoon out alone to grab a coffee and peruse Target in peace. I also love the idea of a cozy blanket for the Enneagram Nine. This Barefoot Dreams Amazon dupe is a beautiful option.

Did I hit the nail on the head or miss the mark? Moms, tell me your Enneagram number and what you are wishing for this Mother’s Day!


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