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group of kids listening to a counselor speak at Camp Skylark, an affordable Dallas summer camp

Summertime is coming and the livin’ should be easy and convenient! That is, if you’ve booked, planned, and scheduled all of your summer camps already. I know it’s still the time of year when parents are thinking about snow days in the forecast, but mentally it’s time to set our sights toward warmer days ahead.

Summer is the time for kids to unwind, take a break from the school day grind, and experience all things fun! But it isn’t always feasible for us to join our kiddos on these summer escapades. And that’s where Camp Skylark comes to the rescue! Camp Skylark will fill your child’s summer days with fun and lasting memories in an environment you can feel good about.

Whether it’s one week or all summer, Camp Skylark is the perfect solution for any family. Camp Skylark offers summer programs for completed kindergarten through fifth grade with a wide variety of experiential, educational, and socially enriching activities. 

child sitting with friends at Camp Skylark, an affordable Dallas summer camp

Traditional summer camp can be costly and time consuming when it comes to packing and travel expenses. Camp Skylark wants to bring the best parts of a traditional camp experience closer to home while operating out of conveniently-located local church facilities. It provides kids with all of the fun, community, and play that a traditional summer camp has to offer, but for a fraction of the cost.

If you need of a full summer of childcare, you can rest assured that your child will not be bored at any of the metroplex Camp Skylark locations. Each one has 10 unique weeks of programming to offer over the summer months, providing working parents with convenient childcare and kids with boredom free days spent learning and playing with peers. 

Registration for all Camp Skylark locations opens March 1.

Summertime is a time for making memories and having fun. Camp Skylark helps make sure that summertime livin’ will be easy for the whole family and that your child will go back to school in the fall with memories and experiences that last a lifetime!

Big group of smiling campers in swimsuits at Camp Skylark Dallas

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