Mary Margaret Anchia

Mary Margaret Anchia
Mary Margaret is married to the absolute love of her life, Dany Anchia. Together they live with their two sweet babies nestled in a tiny storybook neighborhood in North Dallas. Mary Margaret is living out her dream of being a stay at home mom and teaches violin lessons as well. Favorite time of day is when, the sun is just rising, the coffee is fresh and hot and the house is still quiet. Or perhaps it’s when the sun has set, the husband is home, the babies are in bed, and finally getting to catch up on the day over a glass of wine. Favorite place to go? Always, always Target. Favorite hobby? Forever the catharsis that is writing. Feel free to follow along through her Instagram account.

Seasons in Motherhood: Winter

It’s 6:00am in a cold January morning. Through the haze of exhaustion, I can hear Elowen, my little Wen Girl waking up for the day. She’s woken up every 1.5 hours since 8:00pm the...