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Meet the Newest Faces of Dallas Moms Blog

In January, we opened up Dallas Moms Blog to you in a search for some new bloggers to join our team! We received way more applications than we ever expected, and it took us...

CMBN’s #RandomActsofGiving: A Collection of “Must Win” Giveaways!

As some of you probably know, Dallas Moms Blog is part of a national network (City Moms Blog) that is designed to connect moms to information and parenting perspectives unique to the communities in...

Seeking Working Mom

Recently, one of our dear contributors, Desiree packed up and moved across the country. She is no longer a Dallas mama :( Therefore, we are looking for another contributor to add to our team....

Picking a Stroller

Picking out a stroller can be a daunting task. Travel system or Jogger? Single or double? Is an umbrella stroller necessary as well? Do I really need a cup holder? Will my feet kick...

Mom to Mom: Labor and Delivery

Although Casey and I shared the same OB-GYN and delivered at the same hospital, not everything about our firstborn's births were the same. We had totally different experiences and of course have totally different...

Baby Daddy Diaries: Mom Vocabulary

When Lauren got pregnant and the prospect of becoming a dad became a reality, my hobby of procuring new vocab took a completely different turn. Ever since I was old enough to know that...

Mom to Mom: On Becoming Mom, Part Two

We are continuing our second installment of Mom to Mom: On Becoming Mom. If you missed part one, go catch up by reading Mom to Mom: On Becoming Mom, Part One. How did becoming a...

Mom to Mom: On Becoming Mom, Part One

Becoming a mom is an exciting but different experience for everyone. One that is filled with love, joy, and lots of tears along the way. Here is a little Q & A to show...

A Quaint Dallas Park

It's not hard to find a park in Dallas on a nice day. There are plenty of parks around town and many offer great playgrounds and decent walking trails. It is, however, hard to...