Amber Gregg

Amber H. Gregg was born and raised in the Oak Cliff area of Dallas, TX. Amber attended a law magnet high school and knew since the age of 12 that she wanted to be an Attorney. She graduated with a Bachelors in Business Administration in 2008 from Texas A&M University in College Station, where she met her husband of 3 years, Devin. She attended Texas A&M School of Law in Fort Worth where she obtained her Juris Doctorate in 2011. Amber finds joy in serving others through community service and is happy that she has found that in a career as an Attorney. Anyone that knows Amber knows how involved she is in her local community. Amber is the Criminal Law Committee Chair for the J.L. Turner Legal Association, a Board Member of the Inspire Ambition Foundation, member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc., and a volunteer for her friend's non-profit Girls Embracing Mothers. Amber also deeply values being involved in her church and she manages finding time t o record the weekly Announcements for Antioch Fellowship Missionary Baptist Church. In her spare time, Amber loves to karaoke, shop, and work on her motivational campaign, You CAN Sit With US, that she expects to launch by the end of this year. But most importantly, Amber is a mom to 18 month old Princeton, who she considers to be the biggest blessing that God has given to her. She loves to share her journey of God's blessings and is excited to be a DMB Contributor.
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