Amanda Lauro

Amanda is a co-sleeping, wine drinking, homeschool teaching, Bravo/HGTV watching, wife/mom/step mom. She married her fun hacker husband, Tony, almost 9 years ago and became a stepmom to 2 really cool kids, Nick and Izzy. Then she had 2 more cool kids - Miles and Natalie. Recently moved back to Dallas (from Frisco), Amanda and family can't get enough of urban living. Check out her blog at Miles Away From Suburbia.  All the pictures she posts of her kids on IG. And all the dinners she'll never make on Pinterest.  

Dirty Little Secret

I used to dread when other parents would ask me how Miles was sleeping.  It seems like the 'go to' questions for parents to commiserate over.  But in my case all my friends had...

Kid Friendly Downtown Dallas

My favorite part of living down here is that walking around our neighborhood we always find something different. Yes, some days it's a homeless person trying to low-ride his pants, but... he forgot his...
Our Loft

It Doesn’t Get Much More Texan Than This

Hi!  Since I'm another new contributor here, I thought I'd start by introducing myself as well.  My name is Amanda.  My sign is Scorpio.  And if you ask my step-kids how old I am...