5K Foam Fest coming to Dallas!


I’m one of those girls that doesn’t really do mud. I’m not the outdoorsy-type. I don’t like getting dirty. My happy places include my home {especially when it’s clean}, Nordstrom {always}, and the Arboretum {now that’s  my kind of outdoors}.  I am a runner, but I prefer to do it in my quaint Richardson neighborhood sporting cute running gear from Lululemon.  So when a few friends from our gym decided to sign up for a mud run, I told them “that is just not my thing!” I’ve run 5Ks and half marathons but they have been on beautiful courses and NOT in the mud, thankyouverymuch.

But then, the husband decided to register for the same mud run, and he asked if I would do it with him. What is a good wife to do? Even though the thought of running through the mud and getting all dirty and stinky didn’t sound like my cup of tea, I knew it would be a great opportunity to do something together.  So, I {reluctantly} registered for my first mud run last April.

Y’all. I LOVED it. Was I covered in mud from head-to-toe? Yes. Did I have to climb an intimidating wall and go down the other side with nothing to hold on to? Yes. Did I have to army crawl under ropes through muddy water? Yes. And it was so much fun! As soon as it was over, I knew I’d sign up for another one!

Well, Dallas moms, there’s a new mud run coming to town that it is different from any other mud run. This is because it is not just mud you run through. It’s FOAM, too. Yes, you read correctly. The 5K Foam Fest is a fun run with obstacles just like the mud runs you have probably heard about. But this one includes foam! Their website equates it to racing through a giant car wash. Now this is right up my alley! First you complete obstacles and run through mud, but then you go through more obstacles full of water and foam! This means I’ll get all that nasty mud off of me!

Doesn’t this just look like fun???

The 5K Foam Fest will be in Dallas soon- Saturday, November 3rd. That’s just a few weeks away! {Don’t worry, if that’s too soon, it’s coming back in April!} So grab your husband or some mom friends and register for this exciting event at the Double D Ranch in Mesquite. For signing up, you will get a race T-shirt and some nice swag in your race bag. There will also be a chance to win prizes for the best dressed {so come with a great costume!}, and there are plenty of pre-race and post-race activities for all to enjoy. And, your kids can come have fun at the race, too. There will be a Rugrat Race at 11am for children ages 6-11. Imagine how much fun your kids would have doing some of the water and foam obstacles! You can go on their website to read more about the Rugrat Race at the 5K Foam Fest.

The 5K Foam Fest sounds like the best of the best in mud runs. Visit the 5K Foam Fest homepage to watch a video that will make you want to go sign up today!

*Dallas Moms Blog is happy to partner with 5K Foam Fest but the opinions expressed are proudly our own.



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