5 Tips for Surviving the First Year of Parenting Twins


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Most twin parents have a lot to process and plan when they first learn they are expecting twins. There’s so much to learn about the high-risk pregnancy, delivery options, newborn must haves, sleep training, breastfeeding or bottle-feeding. So, what’s next to plan and prepare for after delivery? The beautiful first year of your twins’ lives!

What are some tips that can make your first year easier with your new bundles of joy? The list below can be of guidance and support.

1. Create or Recruit a Support System

Having a group of people you can rely on for various tasks is crucial to your first-year of parenting twins. This can be people you know, like family and friends or hiring outside help like a night nurse, nanny, cleaning company, or lawn services. You will be grateful you hired that night nurse or had your sister over in the middle of the night during the first few months of getting to know your twins and their schedule.

It can be so helpful to have a friend help you at a doctor’s visit or with a trip to the grocery store. As you try to find life balance and a system that works for you and the twins, you might realize that the house hasn’t been mopped in a week and your garden beds are full of weeds. Hire help! This will take a task off your mental to-do list and will help you feel in control of your home.

2. Make Time for Relationships

The first month of welcoming your twins is a blur. The main priority is getting to know them, taking care of your postpartum needs, and getting the hang of this twin-mom thing. But be mindful of creating time and space for the other cherished people in your life.

It is so easy to just focus on the babies that you forget you did not have a date in three months and have not had a real conversation in weeks. Make time to go to girls brunch with your friends, get a mani/pedi with your mom, or a solo trip to the movies during the first six months. It is important you do not lose yourself or the relationships that matter to you during this transition.

3. Give Yourself Grace and Compassion

The first year of parenting twins is hard! You will find strength and determination deep within you that you never knew you had. You will feel pushed to the limit and pulled in multiple directions, all at the same time. But at the end of the day, your babies are loved, fed, and happy, which makes it all worth it.

Remind yourself that you are learning. This is a huge transition. Letting yourself cry about the spilled breast milk or the sleep regressions is okay. You gotta let it out and breathe! Remind yourself you are doing the best you can, and IT WILL get better!

4. Get Babies on the Same Schedule

Getting your twins to eat and sleep on the same schedule will make your days so much easier and manageable. If you are breastfeeding, the Twin Z Nursing Pillow is amazing and allows you to breastfeed or bottle feed the babies at the same time. When it comes to sleep, twin moms can have different approaches.

Whether you decide to sleep train or rock your babies to sleep, find a technique that works for you and try to get them down within 15 to 30 minutes of each other.

5. Shop Smart

Shopping smart means buying strategically because buying for two adds up quickly. Diapers, formula, and wipes should be bought in bulk because you will be using about 30 diapers a day for the first few months! Yes, you need two of most things but not everything.

For example, you need two bouncers but not two bathtubs. Another smart shopping tip: Buy out of season. Buy winter coats in summer and swimsuits in winter. Lastly, decide which big ticket items you want to invest in. Is it cribs, gliders, strollers, car seats, highchairs, or swings? Think about what will make your life easier and if you could possibly buy it used (like a wagon).

Do not forget you will want to buy developmental toys, cute matching outfits, and experiences like family pictures, so the monthly expenses add up quickly.

This is a small list of tips that can make your first-year parenting twins easier and less stressful. The first year with twins is transformative and beautiful yet challenging. However, I hope you never forget, you can do it. You were made to be a twin mom!

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