3 Playgrounds You’ll Love to Visit in Farmers Branch


Farmers Branch is called the City in a Park and for good reason. You could visit a different park every single day for almost a month before you would get through all of them. They’re all worth visiting but I want to share 3 playgrounds we love in Farmers Branch this summer.

Playgrounds in Farmers Branch

These three parks all have something special to offer. Oran Good Park was recently updated and has new equipment in shaded areas perfect for younger visitors. Mallon Park has been totally revamped with inclusive features, and the playground is small enough to make it easy to keep an eye on your little ones while they play. Squire Park is a real hidden gem. I hope you will take the time to visit because it’s a really fun one.

Oran Good Park
13401 Tom Field Road

Oran Good Park’s playground is spread out and features play areas for younger children under shaded areas as well as equipment for older children in full sun. There is a big hill – great for rolling down and racing up.

The shaded area recently got new equipment. My daughter was relieved to see the beloved dragon slide remained. And she was thrilled to see the new rock climbing piece.

This park is across Valley View Lane from The Farmers Branch Rose Garden which is near another favorite Farmers Branch park with lots of shade. A creek runs along the west side and the park isn’t fenced in, so that is something to keep in mind when you’re chasing around a daring toddler. Parking adjacent to the playground is limited but there is a large lot with plenty of parking between the playground and the baseball fields. Park, walk across the pretty bridge, and you’re ready to play or park enjoy a picnic.

Mallon Park
2840 Millwood Drive

Located down a residential street off of Josey Lane, Mallon Park is easy to miss unless you happen to glance over or turn down Millwood. The old playground equipment was completely replaced in spring 2021 and the upgrades are beautiful and inclusive.

We love the art sculpture and watching the colorful reflections it leaves below. The creek just behind this park is a popular place for spotting ducks and turtles too. The bridges make for fun photos.

I love how peaceful this park is and I especially appreciate the shaded seating where I can keep an eye on the kids. Although it is on a residential street, we have never had any trouble finding parking at Mallon Park, whether we are visiting on a weekend or a weekday. This is a smaller playground if you’re looking for a spot where it’s easy to keep an eye on your child no matter where they are in the playground. This will be a hit.

Squire Park
2560 Squire Place

This pocket park is one of the City in a Park’s hidden gems. If you don’t live in Farmers Branch or you are new to the area, you may not know about this fun space.

There are separate playgrounds all within this one park along with a basketball court (bring a ball), covered picnic areas, and plenty of room to run off some energy. It’s trickier at this park to keep an eye on more than one kid at a time. If my husband isn’t with us, I tell my kids they have to play in the same area so I can see them. If you’re dealing with younger children or are more outnumbered than I am, you may want to get a parent friend to tag along or come when your partner can join you.

This playground is mostly shaded which is glorious once the heat starts. The park is in a residential area so if you can’t park along Squire Place, you may want to look for parking along Richland Avenue. We have never had any problems with parking. My kids adore this park. I love that there are plenty of things for them to do so they can stay entertained for hours or until someone needs to go to the bathroom and we have to head home.

Pro tip: Stop by The Victoria Restaurant or hit up The Shops at Mustang Station after the park for something to eat and drink. Or hit up the Starbucks drive-thru at Valley View and I-35.

Where is your favorite playground?


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