Frisco Fire Safety Town


Since selling our loft downtown and moving back to suburbia we’ve been both in-love-with-all-the-conveniences up here and lost-looking-for-fun-things-to-do.  I must admit, I miss living right next door to the Perot Museum and Klyde Warren Park!

But… a trip to check out the Frisco Library (pretty fun kids area and activities) drove us right past the COOLEST Fire Station I have ever seen – Frisco Fire Safety Town!

We noticed these miniature sized buildings driving on Main St. and immediately turned around to get more info!

Frisco Fire Safety Town Title

Apparently, all you need to do is schedule a time for your family to come by and take a tour — for FREE!  We scheduled ours for the next day and could hardly wait!!

The tour started off with an incredibly nice off-duty Fireman taking us to a room with some burnt walls.  He played a super quick but informative video and then talked to the kids about the importance for each family to have a plan in case of a fire.  He asked questions and got the older kids involved, but also kept it quick enough so that the 2 year olds didn’t loose interest!

Then we headed next door to the Tornado Room.  We watched a fake news clip and then talked about what to do in case of a Tornado Watch or Warning.  Again – it was a super quick talk with some great info.  Of course, Miles was up and around climbing the steps, but it wasn’t a problem and we moved on quickly.

Next was the tour of the mini-Frisco city outside.  It was hot out, but the kids enjoyed walking all around and checking out the streets and buildings.  The Fireman showed us the awesome jeeps and bikes they use for Friday Family Nights during the summer.  Their last event is this Friday — August 23rd from 5-8pm.  Kids get to drive the jeeps or ride the bikes around the mini-city — again, all for free!

Then he showed us around town and told us about their other events throughout the year.  Mostly they host schools during the school year.  But for Halloween they will have a Trick-or-Treat in the mini-city on October 25th from 6-9pm.  And for Christmas you can get your picture with Santa, watch them burn a Christmas tree (to remind us how dangerous they can be!) and enjoy other Holiday activities on December 13th, 14th, 20th and 21st — 6-9pm.  Yup – for free!

After the tour outside we got to go back in and up to a bedroom to reminded kids that during a fire, they might need to climb out their window.  Then – we all got to climb out the window and down the roof!  The kids loved it!  And it was pretty easy–  even for this pregnant momma, with a rail and the Fireman there to help.  But, of course, you could walk back down if you or your kiddos didn’t feel like climbing!

Safety Rooms and Fire Truck

Then it was off to tour the Firetruck!!  The kids got to sit in the truck, pretend to drive, play with all the handles and stuff inside.  The truck wasn’t a real truck (no wheels or engine) so 0% dangerous and 100% hands on!

In the Fire Truck

Needless to say, that was the highlight of the trip and we had as much time to play as we wanted!!

As we left, the kids got a goodie-bag with stickers, tattoos, coloring pages and more info on fire safety and the events they host there!

Even more exciting — if you live or work in Frisco (or the grandparents do) and your kiddo is turning 5 or older — all the Frisco Fire Stations offer to host FREE birthday parties for your kids at the station!  Check the link for the policies and availability.

I’m sure suburbia has even more to offer, but this was a great intro into just how awesome it’s gonna be to live up here!



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