My Experience with JCPenney Portraits


When I think about JCPenney portraits, I think back to the overly propped/ posed images of my sister and I growing up in the 80s stuffed in a water bucket “bath” with a cheesy rubber ducky and shampoo bottles strewn about.   But JCPenney – and let’s be honest, WEhave come a long way since then!

I had the opportunity to take my family to the JCPenney Portrait Studio in Allen for a complimentary session.  I did not have high expectations for the shoot because my 2 year old Chloé has not smiled in a posed picture for me…. EVER. You read that right, EVER! She is unamused by everything.  

I warned our photographer Trevor about her stoicism and since I hadn’t spent my own money on the portrait session, I felt like I was able to relax a bit with nothing to lose! No pressure on me or on my kids when normally I can become a bit OCD-Mommy-Dearest-esque.  The one thing I was in control of were our impeccably cute matching outfits and picking out a great coordinating background from lots of different options. 

The pictures were taken by a professionally trained photographer who incorporated a few props and directed us on poses.  He also allowed me to ask for any additional shots I wanted such as just the sisters together and a couple of my husband and I with my baby bump.  As soon as the shoot wrapped up we went back into the waiting room where our girls watched Disney Jr. and Logan and I were able to see the digital images right away! No waiting or lag time involved which was awesome!  From there you can select from a variety of packages that range from digital shots only to full blown prints and canvases.  I ended up springing for the biggest package because I couldn’t narrow down to just a few images… I mean my 2 year old SMILED!!! It was worth every penny! 

Not only did our pictures turn out GREAT, but it was an enjoyable experience.  From the dressing room once we got there (to avoid wrinkling our clothes on the car ride over) to ordering our images, we were in and out in 1 hour! In my opinion, this is a MUCH more convenient and affordable option for all of those milestone pictures that I have found as a Mom are sometimes not in the budget.  #SoWorthIt! I will most definitely be using them in the future.  

Another great NEW service they are offering in certain markets is outside photography at a designated park (weekends only) starting at $24.99 for 30 minutes. I look forward to trying an outside photography session sometime in the future!  

Thank you JCPenney for a wonderful studio experience and for the priceless pictures I really will treasure forever.  File this best-kept secret away for next time you want to get family pictures done but don’t want to break the bank!  Below is just a sampling of some of our images…  If they can make my 2 year old smile, they can work their magic on you as well! 

For more information on a JCPenney Portraits studio near you, visit their website



  1. Horiable. Made a appointment just to set there a hour and find out we still had 2 families ahead of us. Ended up walking out. Would not recommend this place at all. They didn’t even have a back drop for a Easter scene.


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