5 Ways to Celebrate Your Sibling on National Siblings Day


National Siblings Day is celebrated every April 10 and is a nationwide day of both remembrance and celebration.

toddler kissing infant, celebrate your sibling, national siblings dayOur siblings are usually our first best friends, biggest supporters, competitors, and likely the keepers of some of our most embarrassing childhood memories.

Whether you grew up the oldest, middle, or youngest, with multiple siblings, or just one, chances are you have fond childhood memories with your sibling(s).

I was the youngest with one older brother. Being the youngest certainly had its perks. Instead of mom or dad taking me to school before I could drive, I rode with my popular (non-enthused) big brother. My parents were more inclined to let me do things if they knew my brother would be there to watch out for me. This meant his friends eventually became my friends, and getting to hang out with his cute friends wasn’t too bad! Overall, my parents seemed to be more chill by the time I went through things my older brother had already experienced.

Some of my favorite memories as a child include my brother. We had a great relationship as kids and have continued that into adulthood. He was a teacher to me, an example, and a built-in bodyguard. And he gave me a thick skin—I learned to be able to take what was dished out and be quick witted with the comebacks.

Don’t misunderstand: Being the youngest wasn’t always free rides, freedom, and lenient parents. There were some prices to pay as the little sister.

I was always known as my brother’s little sister, and I rarely filled his big shoes. Teachers assumed school would come easy for me as it did for my brother. I kept secrets, “didn’t see anything,” and promised not to tell mom and dad more times than I would have liked.

Nonetheless, we both survived and turned out to be some pretty amazing adults, if you ask me.

5 Sweet Ways to Celebrate National Siblings Day

  1. Post that cute, childhood picture of you and the sibs. Or, for old time’s sake, post an embarrassing photo of them as a kid in true sibling fashion!
  2. Get them in their feels with a sincere phone call, text message, or even a hand-written letter or card.
  3. Share a memory of them either on social media or privately. This is sure to make them smile, and they might share memories of you, too!
  4. Give them a shout out! Brag on them; they were a huge part of your life, after all!
  5. Make a list of some of your favorite memories together and share it. It will certainly bring back some good memories and the kind of laughs that make you cry!

How will you celebrate your sibling for National Siblings Day?

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