Zumbini: A Fun New Way to Bond and Be Active {+Giveaway}

This post has been sponsored by Zumbini. All opinions are 100% our own!

Hey Mamas! If you are looking for a fun, active, bonding experience with your child or are looking for an original and different kind of class for your child, look no further than Zumbini!  

Created by Zumba and BabyFirst, Zumbini is an early childhood education program that leverages music and movement to promote cognitive, social, emotional, and motor skill developmental. Your child will learn loads in Zumbini, but the instructors work hard at masking all that development in non-stop fun that brings families together. Zumbini pumps up the fun so that your child leaves happy and ready for a nice, long rest.  *Naps can, of course, never be guaranteed but my little guy crashed long and hard after our class…just sayin’.

Who should try Zumbini? The classes are designed for children ages 0-4 and their caregivers. There are no prerequisite skills and although there is plenty of activity throughout the class it’s not a cardio workout. It’s a perfect blend of singing, movement, and music-making accessible to all. Our class had parents and caregivers of various ages and a wide range of children from infants to preschoolers. 

How is the class structured? As we waited for all the participants to arrive, the teacher set out instruments like egg shakers and tambourines (washed thoroughly after each class!) so the kids were busy and happy before class even began.

Right on schedule, we started with a welcome song that immediately got the kids engaged followed by introductions of all the children, who all loved to hear their name in song.

We did some songs sitting in a circle, some songs with movements cued by the energetic and lively teacher, and some with props like bright, lightweight scarves that floated around the room. There was a rhythm stick section that the kids really got into and class ended with a freestyle dance that my son, for one, thought was the best part of all!

The teacher kept a perfect pace, supplied and collected props and instruments quickly and without fuss, and was easy to follow.

When and Where Can You Attend Zumbini? Zumbini classes run in 6 – 12 week sessions on the same day and time each week. There are multiple times, days, and locations to choose from at various locations in Dallas and Collin County. Our class was held at a dance studio in Plano but others are offered at BuyBuy Baby stores nationwide! You can enter your zip code here and find a location and time that works best for you. 

Zumbini’s all original music and characters can also be seen outside of your local class on BabyFirst, where Zumbini Time airs three times a day, every day so you and your child can follow along with a shortened version of the class at home. 

 9:30am, 2pm, 5:30pm CST //  6:30am, 12:30pm, 8:30pm CST

I’m so excited for you to discover Zumbini just like I did! Discover more information about their classes and their philosophy (or even how to become an instructor) by visiting their website! Zumbini is giving away free fall session to one lucky reader. To enter, simply use the giveaway form below!

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