QUIZ :: You Might Be a Dallas Mom If…



Like they say, I wasn’t born here but I got here as fast as I could. Dallas moms are amazing and I am so thankful for my tribe. They lift me up, give me a laugh, and remind me I’m not alone!

So, what makes us Dallas moms unique? What do we love about the Metroplex? And, what are our silly quirks? Look no further! Take our quiz to determine how much of a “Dallas” mom you are based on some of our ways of life, fashion, entertainment, and challenges we face as moms in DFW.

Select each option that applies to you, count up the points for each of your answers, then add the points up to find out how truly “Dallas” you are. The higher your score, the more confirmation you have that you are truly a “Dallas” mom!

1) We like NorthPark Center, A LOT! What’s not to love? You can get a bit of exercise in with a nice walk. There are plenty of restaurants and year-round family-friendly programming! You might be a Dallas mom if…

  • You’ve ever pushed a stroller through NorthPark during your maternity leave. (1)
  • Your kids have slid down the planters and watched the turtles. (2)
  • You attended an activity at the NorthPark branch of the Dallas Public Library. (3)
  • You’ve nursed or a fed a kid in the Nordstrom Mother’s Lounge. (4)

2) Summers get hot here and we know the best/only way to be comfortable outside is when you’re in the water. You might be a Dallas mom if…

  • You have your own pool. (1)
  • You are a member of a community pool. (2)
  • You’ve been on a waitlist for membership at a pool for over a year. (3)
  • You paid in excess of $1,000 at a school fundraiser for automatic entry into a pool to skip the waitlist and be a member NOW. (4)

3) Speaking of summer, you are a MASTER at finding things for your kids to do and it’s a full-time job when it comes to coordinating camps. You might be a Dallas mom if…

  • You have a spreadsheet of camps with details about activities, age information, and sign-up deadlines and/or have attended a trade show event (booths, samples, sign-ups) to get more information about camps. (1)
  • You start your spreadsheet in January or earlier. (2)
  • You share a Google spreadsheet with friends to ensure you sign your kids up with their friends, for their sake and the option to carpool with other families. (3)
  • You have spent more than 30 minutes in a summer camp carpool pickup line because that particular camp is that BIG and popular. (4)

4) And as far as childcare goes, you know that it is never too soon to get yours confirmed. You might be a Dallas mom if…

  • You toured a childcare facility or got on a waitlist before telling your family you were expecting. (1)
  • You were on more than three waitlists when you were expecting. (2)
  • You toured a childcare facility or got on a waitlist before you were pregnant. (3)
  • You or your spouse has camped out (overnight) or woken up at an insane hour to register for childcare at your first-choice facility. (4)

5) You’ve got a certain big-city yet genteel style, as does your family. You might be a Dallas mom if…

  • You wear Lululemon leggings and diamonds together. (1)
  • You own more than one pair of cowboy boots. (2)
  • You have more than 10 monogrammed items in your closet. (3)
  • Your kids own a Watercolor or Seaside t-shirt. (4)
You might be a Dallas mom if you drive an SUV with a 30A bumper sticker.

6) You need a roomy car for kids, sports equipment, Costco runs, and the occasional road trip that you swore you’d never take…after last year’s road trip. You might be a Dallas mom if…

  • You drive an SUV (likely a Lexus, Tahoe, Toyota, or Volkswagen). (1)
  • You bought your car based on how many car seats fit across the seat. (2)
  • Your car has a 30A bumper sticker. (3)
  • You made a road trip to Colorado or Florida in the last year. (4)
Mahjong is taking Dallas moms by storm!

7) You make sure to get together with your other Dallas mom friends to remember who you are and enjoy some solidarity. You might be a Dallas mom if…

  • You are in a mahjong group. Bam. Crack. Dot. (1)
  • You have met up with friends for a Mambo Taxi, not a margarita, a MAMBO TAXI…in the last few months. (2)
  • You let your teething baby enjoy tortilla chips while enjoying a Mambo Taxi. (3).
  • You participate in an extended brunch (likely with mimosa carafes) with all the class moms from your kids’ schools at your favorite spot on the morning of the first day back to school. (4)

8) You invest in entertaining your kids and join a number of our city’s amazing activities as an annual member so you have indoor and outdoor options, while supporting some great non-profits. You might be a Dallas mom if you have a seasonal membership to…

  • Dallas Zoo (1)
  • Perot Museum (2)
  • Dallas Arboretum (3)
  • You are NOT a member of the Dallas Zoo and yet you go to Dollar Days every year and sweat it out in three digit-temps. (4)
You might be a Dallas Mom if you’ve taken an Arboretum pumpkin patch photo in 90-degree temps.

9) You get THE PHOTO at every holiday. You might be a Dallas mom if…

  • You put your kids in fall clothes to take the pumpkin patch photo at the Arboretum every year even if the temp is 95 degrees. (1)
  • You stand in line for hours for your yearly Santa picture. (2)
  • You have a FAVORITE Santa—NorthPark’s or Neiman Marcus’s. Debate amongst yourselves. (3)
  • You did a virtual Santa visit for the photo during COVID-19. (4)

10) You are a fierce protector of your family and your community. Not everything goes according to plan but you rally during hardships for your tribe. You might be a Dallas mom if…

  • You added another kid to your carpool while mom or dad was carting another kid to sports activities. (1)
  • You took a meal to a sick friend during the last year. (2)
  • You hosted friends or family during the winter storms when their power was out and temps were freezing. (3)
  • You called the coyote/bobcat hotline to report a sighting to keep your neighborhood safe. (4)

I hope these questions about what makes us unique and some of our shared experiences made you smile. Truly the best thing about Dallas is all the things that make us different and what each of us as moms brings to our community in big and small ways. Special thanks to all the moms who provided thoughts about how you know you might be Dallas mom if…!



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