YEEHAW: A “Texas” Experience in the Metroplex


YEEHAW_ Texas Experience in the Metroplex

My husband is from France so we often get visitors or family members who come to Dallas fully expecting us to ride horses everywhere, live on huge ranches with white picket fences, and wear matching cowboy hats! (Their frame of reference for “Dallas” comes from the TV show if that explains anything!)  In an effort not to disappoint, my husband and I always try to have a “Texas-themed” experience for them so they can get their cowboy fix in while they are in town! 

First up, TEX-MEX! 

A few of my favorite places to take people are Blue Goose, Manny’s, and Mi Cocina.  The Mambo Taxis are always a crowd-pleaser!  (There is a limit of 2 per person for a reason!) 


Texas BBQ

Last fall, Cassidy posted an EPIC list of the best BBQ in Dallas! Pecan Lodge takes the cake in my book but be prepared to wait in line! I assure you, it’s worth it. 

LIVE Music

Take your guests out on a fun night to Pat Green’s restaurant and bar, The Rustic!  With a huge outdoor patio and live music, the atmosphere is very laid back with yard games and plenty of picnic tables.  We have definitely brought along our kids (without judgment) but it’s way more fun kid-free! 


Let’s get FUNKY in Fort Worth

Make sure to schedule a day trip to Fort Worth for an outing to the stockyards and Joe T Garcia’s. They will likely see several horses, lots of cowboy boots and real life “cowboys.” To guarantee a full-on cowboy experience, take them to the Fort Worth Rodeo.  I grew up going and still love to go as an adult so it would be fun for the whole family. If you are there with adults only, mosey over to Bill Bob’s and ride the mechanical bull and teach them how we two-step here in Texas! 

A Bit of History

The Sixth Floor Museum in Downtown Dallas will walk you through the historical day JFK was assassinated.  I am from Dallas, but had never been until we had some French visitors stay with us last Fall that were really interested in history.  Tickets are $16 and under and if you don’t want to tour the museum, you can still walk around Dealey Plaza. They have guided cell phone tours and plenty of historical landmarks you can read up on! 

Let’s talk Sports 

If it’s baseball season, head to Arlington and let them experience our Texas Rangers.  The hot dogs, the fireworks, and the epic people watching will not disappoint! We LOVE baseball here in Texas. 

I fully realize the Cowboys haven’t had the greatest track record here lately, but MOST people have heard of the Dallas Cowboys and our stadium is built to IMPRESS! Even if it’s not football season, you can purchase tickets for under $20 to get a guided tour of the stadium in Arlington! 

So there we have it! My prepackaged Texas experiences for my out-of-towners. I would LOVE to know any other suggestions or ideas you have. We love hosting and could use some fresh ideas on where to take people! 

For tips on where to stay, what to do, and how to survive Dallas with your families, make sure to visit our Out of Towner Guide to Dallas!


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