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As a busy mom, or new mom, working out and getting in shape can feel like a daunting challenge. With so much on our plates, especially during the holidays, moms often experience back pain and muscle tension/weakness. Luckily, there is a great workout regimen that helps moms become stronger, get toned and achieve mental clarity. It is comprised of stress-relieving exercises easy to work into a busy lifestyle: Pilates.

At Cooper Fitness Center, we offer Pilates training to fit your needs and goals, with Private Pilates lessons and Small Group Pilates Classes. Through exercises focused on the core muscles that help provide balance to the body and support the spine, Pilates can:

  • Improve your strength, flexibility and agility
  • Increase your mind and body awareness
  • Restore your postural alignment

Cooper Fitness PilatesPilates utilizes resistance training, controlled exercises, concentrated breathing and movement to link the mind and body. Equipment such as resistance bands, magic circles, barrels, and spring-loaded apparatuses (i.e. Cadillac, Reformer, Wall Tower, Wunda Chair, Pedi Pole) are used to enhance the exercises and boost results.

Cooper fitness pilatesMoms new to Pilates may find such equipment intimidating at first, but don’t worry, within just a few lessons these machines will seem familiar and comfortable. Plus, these apparatuses are amazingly effective at helping you achieve a slim and toned body! Whether you want to relieve stress, or for sculpt your body for that new holiday dress, there are many benefits associated with Pilates:

  • Confidence booster No matter your current fitness level, Pilates will give you confidence. You will feel stronger, more graceful and ready to tackle the holidays!
  • Increased core strength Pilates is a full-body workout that strengthens the entire body, but particularly focuses on core strength.
  • Increased energy Pilates increases energy levels to help you tackle daily life. It does this through increasing lung capacity, improving circulation and, of course, giving you an exercise high from releasing those happy, healthy fitness endorphins!
  • Weight loss Whether you have just had your first baby or already have a houseful of children, Pilates can aid in weight loss. The resistance training of Pilates creates lean muscle and revs up your metabolism. You will continue to burn calories long after the workout has ended.
  • Improved brain function and cognitive skill Pilates requires mental focus. This mindful type of exercise can actually boost memory and brain performance.
  • Increase flexibility With kids, it may seem that your schedule feels less and less flexible, but that does not mean your body has to be. You will notice the stretching and lengthening of your muscles in your very first Pilates workout. This increase in flexibility helps prevent all kinds of injuries.
  • Relief from chronic back pain and joint pain Many moms need a solution for chronic back and joint pain often caused by carrying loads of baby/child paraphernalia. Pilates can relieve this pain through targeted exercises which strengthen the core as well as all major muscle groups.

Cooper Fitness Center offers Private Pilates lessons and Small Group Training, led by certified Pilates instructors. Private Pilates Sessions are customized training programs led by certified Pilates instructors with 1-4 people max. per session. Another option is Small Group Pilates Classes with all the benefits of Pilates training without the commitment of weekly private sessions. To book a Pilates lesson or Small Group Training session with Paxton, or learn more about Pilates programs, visit


Cooper Fitness pilatesSarah Paxton is a certified Pilates Trainer at Cooper Fitness Center with more than 27 years of instruction and management experience in the fitness industry. Her approach to Pilates and yoga instruction is rooted in tailoring a distinctively personalized program for all ages and skill levels that is doable. She enjoys helping individuals improve posture and stability and relieve chronic pain through movement and exercise. Sarah truly loves seeing her clients find their inner smile as they recognize the success of their hard work and dedication.





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