The Working Mom’s Easy Advent Calendar


It’s the happiest season of aaallllllllll!! I love this time of year. Truly. Our family has played Christmas music since October thanks to my Christmas-obsessed husband. Our tree went up the first week of November. When I say we love Christmas, you know we commit to the celebration!

The holiday season can quickly fill up with all sorts of activities: ugly sweater contests, cookie swaps, gift markets, shopping, office holiday parties, Christmas Eve services, Elf on the Shelf, family get-togethers…WAIT! Maybe you’re like me, asking, “How can I find time to make this special for my family, and not lose sight of the meaning of the season??”

Your Advent Calendar can be a great way to keep up with all those fun activities AND keep you focused on the true meaning of Christmas.

You know I like to keep it simple, so here’s an easy way to countdown to Christmas:

  1. I love a beautiful, hand-made Advent Calendar. I started to make one years ago without kids and never finished. Who has time for that now? Spare yourself the midnight crafting sesh and find one on sale!
  2. Think you have what it takes to plan an activity for your family for all 24 days? More power to ya. I like to keep our list to 10 or 12 activities. That way if I miss a day, it’s no big deal.
  3. Plan to include the activities you already know about in your countdown. Know you’re going to Christmas Eve service? Include that in your Advent Calendar. Grandma’s cookie swap? Add that to the list.
  4. Get online and find out when your favorite tv holiday specials are scheduled. If you can’t watch the night it airs, record it and make it the Friday night pizza special! Here’s the full list of 25 Days of Christmas.
  5. Find a special book to read and create an activity to go with it. Last year for our Little Man, we found this book and went on a candy cane scavenger hunt!
  6. Need a budget idea? Surprise the kiddos by getting them dressed for bed and loading them in the car with lots of blankets for a trip to look at lights!
  7. Take advantage of your time at breakfast and plan a special meal before school. Have a Snowman Breakfast with powdered donuts or donut-holes stacked like a snowman, plus hot cocoa!
  8. Make sure a visit to your favorite Santa is on the list!
  9. Shop for gifts for your adopt-a-family together. Little ones can experience the spirit of giving by picking out a toy or clothes for another child.
  10. I love matching pjs for the whole family. But don’t just wear them one night. Give them early and let your family enjoy them throughout Advent!

During this time of year, we can get caught up in the drama of all the demands and pressure of the holidays. Advent activities help me focus on my family and remind me why we celebrate.

Share with us your favorite holiday activities!


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