Winterize Your Family for a Healthy, Sane and Fun Winter!


I may not be a PSL fan but I do love fall and winter. Yesterday my sister-in-law mentioned this concept to me and there are lots of ideas out there for the four walls around us. It also got me thinking about working to winterize the rest of my household for 2020, similar to what I did for the spring before shelter-in-place orders. If you’re like me, you are juggling so many balls that if one gets dropped, they all fall down.

I’m making a plan to winterize our home for winter by addressing a few important things now, so if school shuts down or one of us gets sick, we stay reasonably sane.

Prioritize Wellness

The stress of living through 2020 isn’t good for our immune systems. We’re tired, sleep-deprived, and anxious.

  • Take care of preventative items like flu shots and making sure kids are up to date on their well-checks. I’ve already heard rumors of flu shot shortages.
  • Organize the medicine cabinet and ensure you’re stocked with Kleenex, cough drops, Mucinex, vapor steam, and essential oils. Or at a minimum create an Amazon Prime list or Instacart list from CVS so it’s just a quick click for delivery if needed. The end of the year is a great time to use any extra dollars in your health savings account that may expire.
  • Clean out all diffusers and humidifiers so they are ready at a moment’s notice.
  • Think about ways to boost immunity. I make a batch of bone broth each week with leftover chicken bones of a rotisserie chicken and freeze in mason jars. I swap broth for water when I cook dry goods like rice, quinoa, or black beans to infuse them with all the great immunity boosters. If sickness hits, I can quickly microwave a jar of it and sip it for the healing properties. My kids also take elderberry and Culturelle probiotics.
  • Do your best to get rest and some sun while you still can. And, wash those hands.

Think through those just in case needs

Not to be a downer, but the inevitable could happen. We have lots of variables in our world right now. Don’t let them catch you by surprise and turn your world upside down.

  • Put together your back-up care plan for potential school closures, sick kids, and managing if one or both parents gets sick. I still have flashbacks of my 3rd day back from maternity leave when my husband and I had a violent stomach virus. I remember my 6-month old in her bouncer holding her bottle while I laid on the floor.
  • I’m stocking my freezer with prepped meals. I’ll order some from Baller Mom and then make a few favorite dairy-free and gluten-free options like Danielle Walker’s Chicken Pot Pie, Nom Nom Paleo Chili and Healthy Little Peach’s Poppy seed Chicken to freeze. These are all perfect for a cold night and if my husband or I come down with something it’s an easy option to pop in the oven and let the TV babysit the kids. In addition to that bone broth, I keep chopped frozen celery, onions, and carrots to toss in with chicken and noodles for an easy healing soup.
  • Holidays may look different this year as we protect grandparents from exposure to Covid and travel is a bit more difficult. Have open and honest conversations with your immediate and extended family so you understand the comfort level and boundaries of everyone.


Winter is also a great time to make memories! That may not look like crowded football games or sitting on Santa’s lap this year but put together a few ideas of how to make 2020 more memorable.

  • If you’re tired of the indoors but it’s too chilly outside, consider purchasing a fire pit, chiminea, or patio heater. Grab some marshmallows, graham cracker,s and chocolate and make some s’mores.
  • Build out your go-to movie lists on Netflix, Amazon prime and Disney+ so you’re ready for cozy family movie nights.
  • You don’t have to wait for Christmas to buy special pajamas. Get some new ones for the family and snuggle up by the fire.
  • Stock up on some new board games for the family. I also look for toys on sale and hide them in my closet. If we get stuck inside during a school closure my kids may have some new items to play with. If not, I’m ahead on Christmas shopping!
  • Research some hot toddy recipes to enjoy after the kids go to bed.

This year may look different for us but we got this, mama. Let me know additional tips and ideas you have to winterize your home!






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