Winter Workout Essentials


winter workout clothes

Is the cold weather keeping you from working out? Don’t let it! With a little planning (and maybe some shopping), you can continue your outdoor workouts all winter long.

Our winters here in Texas are not nearly as extreme as a lot of the country, but it can still get pretty darn cold, especially if you’re out early in the morning like me (Momlife, right?). Running is my preferred workout, but these winter workout essentials will easily translate to any outdoor exercise. With winter temperatures ranging from the upper-20s to the mid-60s on any given day, it’s important to check the weather to be sure you are dressed appropriately. I have my Garmin watch and a water bottle with me year-round, but winter workouts do require a few unique essentials:

  1. Layers

The key to dressing for winter activities is layers. For temperatures in the 40s and below I like to wear a moisture-wicking tank with a long-sleeved top over it. For temperatures colder than that, I wear an extra thick or fleece-lined long-sleeved top. My favorite place to buy running clothes is Old Navy. With regular 50% off activewear sales, their prices can’t be beat, and the quality is excellent for the price. I prefer to pair my tops with high waisted compression leggings.

  1. Outerwear

When the temperature drops below 40 degrees, I add an extra outerwear layer. My favorite is a vest, but a breathable jacket is also a great choice. The vest I wear most often is from Target. The great thing about a vest is that it will keep your core warm without causing overheating. I think the most important things to look for are breathability and reflective elements.

  1. Headcover

Is there anything worse than cold ears? I love a headband to cover my ears during my winter runs. A hat is also a great option and there are some cute ones available that have a cutout for your ponytail!

  1. Gloves

A good pair of gloves will keep your fingers toasty warm. I picked up a pair at Costco this year for $10! I like a pair with fleece lining and the ability to still use my phone or watch while I’m wearing them. And if you get too hot, it’s easy to tuck them into your pocket or the waistband of your pants.

  1. Lights

For those of us who work out in the dark, safety is of the utmost importance. Being seen while you’re out running is a must. My newest favorite running accessory is a Noxgear vest. It is lightweight, doesn’t bounce while you’re running, and it makes you highly visible while you’re out on the road. Other great options for increasing your visibility include headlamps, clip-on lights, and knuckle lights that you wear like a glove.

  1. Koala Clip

Most of us wouldn’t consider leaving the house without our phones, and having it is important for both peace of mind and safety. After trying many different arm bands, waist bands, and pockets, I finally discovered the Koala Clip last year and have not looked back. This simple, waterproof pouch clips on to the back of your sports bra or tank top and doesn’t move. You can easily reach your phone if needed but won’t notice it once it’s in place. Plus, this small business was started by a fellow mom, so you can feel good about your purchase!

I hope these winter workout essentials help you to stay warm, stay safe, and get moving this winter! If you’re still trying to figure out how to incorporate exercise into your busy mom life, Jordan has some great tips here.


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