Why You Should Take Your Family to a Christmas Show this Year


outdoor brightly lit Christmas tree in downtown dallas‘Tis the season! I love everything about it: I love the lights, the weather, the music, the decorations, and I especially love the Christmas shows and entertainment.

I want to be immersed in a full-on Christmas experience when I go to a show or event. I need everything to scream “Christmas!” to my senses. I want to escape the to-do lists and the stress of the season and just be entertained.

I try to experience all the Christmas events the metroplex has to offer at least once. And we do have our favorites that we try to go to every year (or every other year).

We all have our own valid perspectives on the holidays. As someone who LOVES this festive time of year, I’m not sure I have enough time or space to list all the reasons it’s so wonderful.

Still, I wanted to share several reasons why adding a festive production to your calendar is so important. Here’s why we make sure to see at least one Christmas show every holiday season.

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Making Designated Time for Family and Friends

Attending Christmas performances encourages us to see our family and friends. Too often, we get so busy with the hustle and bustle of the holidays that we run out of time for fun.

Make that plan, buy those tickets to the show, go with your friends and family. You can even book two shows with two different sets of people. There’s time! It forces us to take a moment to be still. We get to be still for at least an hour, sometimes more. For me, it’s a much-needed break.

Personal recommendation :: ‘Twas the Night Before, a Cirque de Soleil take on the classic Christmas poem.

view of an empty, fancy theater from the stageCreating Traditions

Attending shows creates a sense of nostalgia. This is why we try to attend a tried-and-true show we know we’ll love. I also try to find a new show to see or event to attend. It’s always fun to compare what we have done each year and decide what we need to do next year and what we can mark off the bucket list as “done.”

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Bringing Magic to Life

Christmas performances are downright magical.

Everyone is happier and friendlier. The shows always have a happy ending. We walk away from the experience in a better mindset than when we went in. These experiences create goodwill, and we need that so much right now. The holidays are the perfect time for it.

Giving the Holiday Meaning

Most important for our family, we always want to bring the focus back to the reason for the season. We make sure to see a show at a church at least once every Christmas season. It allows us to redirect our focus and walk away remembering why the holidays are so important to us.

Personal recommendation :: The Gift of Christmas at Prestonwood Baptist Church in Plano. This spectacular performance features a nearly 1,000-member cast, a living nativity, live orchestra, flying angels, and more!

No matter your reason for catching a Christmas show or signing up for an event, it always brings about togetherness and positivity. And there are so many to choose from locally!
To me, it is always worth it.

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Jen was born and raised in the DFW metroplex. She now lives in Rockwall on a family "compound" with her husband and 9-year-old daughter (9 going on 18!). Her parents and brother's family live on the same patch of land. They have had cows and chickens (and dogs, cats, hamsters, and fish). Jen graduated from Texas A&M Commerce with her master's in counseling and almost finished her doctorate in Educational Leadership. She has worked at a school counselor for all levels and in the special education world. She now works from home with an online school in the state testing department—it's the best of both worlds! When she's not driving her daughter to all-star cheer, sideline cheer, or girl scouts, she's saying YES! to something. There's not much spare time left, but she likes to spend it cooking, buying supplies to craft with, planning things months in advance, reading, coaching her daughter's sideline team, serving on the PTA, listening to Christmas music year-round, and Starbucks.


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