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Sometimes, mom isn’t able to do all the things. Sometimes, mom needs extra time to recover. Sometimes, dad is unable to be the extra set of hands. Sometimes, grandparents aren’t able to be there every minute of every day.

But sometimes…mom just needs help.

For those times, mama, you need a postpartum doula.

What is a Postpartum Doula?

Maybe you’ve heard of a birth doula, someone who helps mom during birth and helps mom advocate for herself during labor and delivery. But a postpartum doula helps mom when she gets home during the first few weeks and months of the 4th trimester.

She is the extra set of hands mom needs while she focuses on recovery, heals from a c-section, and spends time bonding with her new baby.

Babymoon ConciergeBabymoon Concierge

Cheryl Abrams with Babymoon Concierge is a postpartum doula serving the Dallas area. She is also a newborn care specialist, so not only is she able to help take care of mom, she spends time educating parents about caring for baby and helping to find balance in the first few weeks at home.

I see fear in new moms, not knowing what to expect. As a postpartum doula, i help moms not to be fearful.

Her services include feeding and bathing baby, preparing bottles, maintaining baby care items, breastfeeding support, laundering the baby’s linens and clothing, running errands, helping with sleep training, preparing meals, and much, much more!

Babymoon ConciergeConsistent Help at Home

Babymoon concierge is able to assist a few days a week, or as long as eight weeks, while you transition into life with your newborn. As families are focused on maintaining small bubbles to ensure their family’s health, Cheryl and her team only work with one family at a time. Everyone on your team wants to be sure your family and baby stay well.

You will develop a close relationship with Cheryl while she cares for you at home. She will be another trusted source to watch for signs of postpartum depression and will help connect you to the right resources for care.

Virtual Appointments with Babymoon Concierge

Maybe you don’t need daily assistance at home, but you are looking for someone to talk to, who truly understands? Cheryl can be that listening ear. She is also available for virtual appointments! Or maybe you have a friend across the country who is unsure about how to care for her little one? She can spend time talking with her too!

You can plan ahead of time and book Babymoon Concierge before baby’s arrival, or you can call once you get home and settled. But the most important thing to know is that if you feel like you need help, reach out and ask!

Cheryl is the sweet postpartum doula you need to transition into your new rhythm as a family.



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