Why We Love the Perot Children’s Museum


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Living in Frisco, my family doesn’t often venture into Downtown Dallas. But when we do, there’s one place that we’re usually headed — the Perot Children’s Museum.

While there are many jewels in Dallas that cater to children and families (think Klyde Warren Park, the Dallas Zoo, and many others), the Perot Children’s Museum is my favorite by far.

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It’s inside — cool in the summer; warm in the winter!

Jenny shared her favorite indoor playgrounds earlier this year, and the Perot Museum made the list. I completely understand why! When it’s hot outside, it’s a nice, air-conditioned oasis of fun activities for your kids. There’s an outdoor area where your kids can dig for dinosaur bones and play in the sand. When it’s too cold to play outside, the indoor museum is a great place to escape the chilly wind. We visit year-round!

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Experience the fun of camping without pitching a tent!

A model of the Trinity River corridor gives children have the chance to examine local flora and fauna. There’s a fun tent and campfire set up so they can pretend to be camping. Explorers can don wildlife vests and pick up a pair of binoculars to search for wildlife hidden around the museum.

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Explore the Dallas Farmers Market without the crowds!

Visitors can explore the Dallas Farmers Market in a child-sized replica, complete with plastic produce, a flower stand, and cashier’s station. My son loves going and pulling the produce from the back of the truck outside the Farmers Market and sorting it into the different places inside the market. He also really loves playing with the different colored flowers in the flower stand.

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Splish-splash and experiment with pipes and plumbing!

There’s also a water table where children can play with boats and move pipes around to see how it changes the flow of the water. Be warned though — your child will get wet! There are aprons that they can put on before splashing around, but my little guy is too small to wear it. I like to bring a change of clothes for when we’re done with the water table.

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Add a new twist to the Dallas skyline!

The Dallas skyline accents a fun building table, with different kinds of blocks that children can build with. I love that it stretches their imagination by allowing them to combine different shapes to create something.

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Build something fun!

Behind that table is a fun construction-themed playground with lots of areas for children to explore. Children can pick up a hard hat and construction vest for pretend play. A series of pullies allow builders to move foam blocks up the playground. My son loved moving the blocks around and working with them.

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There’s a dedicated place for little ones!

The toddler and baby area is a great place for smaller children to explore and play. There’s a smaller playground with steps and an incline for those newly walking babies. A fun row of flowers filled with metal beads entertained my toddler for a good long while. There are also toys for stationary babies and mats for them to lay on.

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It’s a great place to bring visitors!

Whenever we have friends or family visit Dallas, we bring them to the Perot Children’s Museum! It’s such a fun, exciting place. My nieces and nephews love going to “the museum.” Our trips make me their favorite aunt (at least that’s what I tell myself!)

We love the museum so much that we bought a membership! Have you had a chance to visit the Perot Children’s Museum yet? What was your favorite part?

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