Why Take Maternity Photos?


I am about to pop with baby #3—there’s a chance he or she will be here by the time yoou read this—but I really wanted to share why I chose to have maternity photos taken during my third pregnancy and what my experience taught me.

Some Background

When I was pregnant with my first baby, I had my husband take weekly pictures of me with our nice camera in France, where we were living. With a backdrop of the French countryside and my family and friends an ocean away, I was very good about consistently documenting the bump. I feel like most people do with their first. Then I got pregnant with Chloé, my second, and I think I MAYBE have 1 bump picture (and it’s a selfie in my bathroom mirror).  All that to say, up to this point, I had never had professional maternity pictures taken. I kind of assumed it was an expense we didn’t need to incur, and we’d save our money for the newborn pictures instead.

Changing My Mind

When my friend Kristie invited me to join her at Goldenlight Creative, I got to choose what kind of shoot I wanted: family photos, headshots to use for work, or maternity photos.  Initially, the last thing I wanted was pictures taken of me while pregnant. Being pregnant is something I am so thankful for but not something I particularly enjoy. But after thinking about it more, I realized that because I have to get c-sections and this is our third baby, I know that there’s a high possibility this will be my final pregnancy.

I got a bit sad thinking this could be the last time I carry a biological baby, so despite the fact that I struggle feeling beautiful while pregnant, I chose to have maternity pictures taken—strictly for the sentimental factor. What I came away with was so much more than that…

By the way, this post is not sponsored in any way, but I did want to share my amazing celebrity-style experience with Dorly at Goldenlight Studio in Plano.

I had an afternoon of pampering (at this studio they do your hair and makeup, have music playing, beverages, and little treats to nibble on), I felt truly beautiful for the first time during this pregnancy. When I went to my photo reveal, I was BLOWN AWAY by the pictures. It sparked chemistry and connection with this little baby, and the best part is: I know that he/she will treasure these pictures for years to come, knowing that it was THEM inside of my belly at that moment.

The Results

Normally, when I look in the mirror while pregnant, I feel frumpy and unattractive, but for the first time after seeing my photos, I realized what a BEAUTIFUL MIRACLE pregnancy is.  Yes, I may feel huge. Yes, I may have aches and pains. But after seeing my pictures it gave me a sense of wonder about the privilege and miracle it is to carry a child. Since then, I’ve noticed that I complain a lot less and am more and more connected and grateful for this child and pregnancy.

No matter who you decide on to take your pictures, I want to encourage EVERY WOMAN to have photos taken during at least one of her pregnancies. It completely changed my mind set and attitude, and for that I am so very grateful. I can assure you, later down the road you’ll be thankful you splurged on them.

A Few Tips

  • Take your photos no earlier than 28 weeks and no later than 33 weeks.
  • Forget flowy. Bring shirts or dresses that accentuate and hug your bump. Throw body image out the window!
  • Don’t be afraid of simple. My favorite shot from the whole session was the one I featured below, and I hadn’t even packed that outfit! I just borrowed it from her studio.

I would love to hear any other tips you have for taking maternity photos! 

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