Why Being a MOM sometimes SUCKS


I feel like a “momster” for even saying the word suck and mom in the same sentence, but I have to admit it’s true. Perhaps having kids is making me crazy? Or I am just extremely selfish? Could it be maybe I am normal and this is just something a lot of people don’t talk about? Whatever the case may be, there are days where I seriously want to tell my family I am going to target, get in the car, and never come back.

Luckily, those moments are short lived and nothing that I would ever act on (I hope). But let’s face it…being a mom is hard.

Now of course I LOVE being a mom. I love watching these 3 boys learn, grow, and change. Having 3 of them that are all ages 4 and younger, there isn’t a day that goes by where I am not consumed with brief feelings of love, annoyance, stress, frustration, gratitude, and anger. I realize that everyone loves their kids for obvious reasons. But let’s open the can and talk about the things that just flat out suck about being a mom.

Most of these reasons are due to the fact that I have 3 small boys that are energetic, fearless, and rely on me for basic survival.  I also realize that as they get older most of these reasons will change and be replaced with other things like having to worry about them driving and texting or not wanting to be seen near me (which is hard to imagine because it’s all I can do to go to the bathroom alone these days).

So here you have it…reasons why being a mom sucks at this stage in life:

  1. 24 hour guilt. I didn’t have my first until I was 33. I am a working mom with a corporate job that I honestly love and am great at. It’s a huge part of who I am and I would never want to give that up. However, I feel constant guilt about the fact that I actually love my job, spend a lot of time working, have to travel occasionally AND I really like being away from time to time. The guilt I have for not feeling guilt about this is never ending which sucks.
  2. Cold coffee daily. I am one of those “lucky” moms who has early risers. The oldest is up at 6 am like clock work and by 7 am I have 3 starving boys who are all requesting a different breakfast, have to be dressed for preschool and need lunches made. On the rare chance I get to pour a cup of coffee by 9 am it’s more than likely untouched, re-microwaved and cold. I NEED coffee to survive mornings so going 2-3 hours in the am without it sucks.
  3. My life has never been dirtier. I have always been a clean person and for the most part had a clutter free home. Until now that is. Walking through the house to find wet diapers laying around, kitchen floor that covered in muffin crumbles, scrambled eggs, and something that looks like poop, sticky walls and doorknobs, windows covered in handprints and jelly, a couch that smells like sour milk and a minivan that trust me you don’t want to get in to is not uncommon these days. The worst part is that I don’t even care….which sucks.
  4. Marriage is…well, umm, different. Date nights were a regular occurrence after baby #1 and #2. It was pretty easy, fun, and then the 3rd came along. 3 kids, in case you’re wondering, is no joke. Now that we are outnumbered it is next to impossible to have even a conversation with them all around. 3 boys in a house is so loud. Like hearing loss loud. And by the time they are all asleep all we want to do is sit in silence and watch Netflix. No talking, no leaving to grab a bite, just silence and sleep. Which sucks.
  5. The new mom makeover that consists of un-brushed teeth until noon, greasy hair bun, no makeup, new wrinkles, bags under eyes, and workout clothes (which is no way imply that I had time to fit in a workout). Ugh, sucks.
  6. Loss of identity. I am a working mom but I am throwing this in for all my stay at home mom friends that suffer from this daily. They had a great job and made a decision to stay at home for their family after kids came into the picture. Typically, their husbands/wives work, possibly travel, and are pretty much out of the house all day. This is a huge transition that a lot of women struggle with. They love staying home with their kids but they hate that their old self is gone. The “glory days” are in the past. It’s a new life and for the most part it’s great, but there are days that suck.

I have learned to lower my expectations to pretty much zero when it comes to things like holidays, vacations, fun things that you have planned and having a house stay clean for longer than 5 minutes after the housekeeper leaves.  But I wouldn’t change this craziness for anything. These little boys give me a run for my money and keep me exhausted all day. I’m pretty sure I have a little hearing loss and look about 10 years older than I did 2 years ago. However these little guys are what I live for. I will take all the sucky things that come along with being a mom because that what moms do.  I just need a place to vent so that I don’t end up in the crazy house which at times I think could be possible.



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