Where To Go When the Hospital Isn’t An Option


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While I never want my boys to do something dangerous, this year in particular, when I saw them being a little too adventurous, I jokingly yell, “If you get hurt, I can’t take you to the hospital!” This must have tempted fate because, in June, every mom’s nightmare came true.

From the backyard, I hear a painful scream, immediately followed by one of my boys’ running in to tell me my oldest was hurt.

When I first saw my son, I wanted to call 911. He was crying and blood was running down his head and face. Remaining as calm as possible, I asked him to tell me what happened and where he was hurt.

Sure enough, there was a small 0.5″-1″ gash on his head from where he’d miscalculated trying to do a backflip. I cleaned off his face and hair and discovered the wound was actually not that bad once the bleeding had stopped. It would definitely need a few stitches, but he was incredibly lucky it wasn’t the worst-case-scenario it could have been.

I pushed down the urge to yell “What on Earth were you think?!” and tried to carefully think through what to do. Any other time of year, we wouldn’t have hesitated to run to an ER because we knew this was more than just a pediatric visit, but what do you do when a hospital visit could actually make the situation worse? 

And in a moment it came to me, urgent care!

With the help of CareNow, my husband added us to their waiting room through Web Check-In and while we waited our turn from the comfort and safety of our home, I was able to get my son cleaned up and calmed down. We received a text shortly after that they were ready for us, and off we went — masks in hand!

In addition to all of the more common health and wellness services, CareNow urgent care clinics are convenient options if you think you need stitches for lacerations or cuts. Not only can you get in and out more quickly, but you will also likely pay less than a visit to the emergency room.

Did you know most CareNow clinics are even equipped with x-ray machines?

And because my family’s health and safety is a huge priority to me (now more than ever), I’m comforted by CareNow’s newest protocols that have enhanced their already sanitary offices.

  • Limited Patient Companions : To keep numbers down, each patient is limited to one essential companion (unless absolutely necessary).
  • Clean Patient Areas : All exam rooms, waiting rooms, and patient areas are being thoroughly cleaned and sanitized in accordance with the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). They’ve also removed high-touch items like magazines, toys, and refreshments for the time being.
  • Screening Patients & Visitors : All patients and visitors are screened for COVID-19 symptoms and risk factors upon or before arrival to the clinic. If the screen is positive, they will provide a mask for you to wear (if an ordinance isn’t already in effect to do so).
  • Social Distancing : Each clinic will enforce 6′ of social distancing; including spaced out seating in the waiting areas and separate entrances.
  • Universal Masking Procautions : All staff, patients, and companions will wear a mask, regardless of symptom or exposure, to ensure safety for all.
  • Web & Car Check-In : CaeNow allows you to make your appointment online with Web Check-In®. When you arrive, call from your car and the staff member will give you further instructions. *Some clinics are seeing longer wait times due to COVID-19, so you’ll want to take full advantage of booking online!

From common infections like Hand Foot Mouth and pink eye to accidents (like my son’s!), CareNow clinics are open seven days a week and stay open late to provide care when you need it the most. Find the clinic nearest you, so you’ll be ready when you need it!


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