What’s in My Pool Bag this Summer?

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swimming pools in dallasThe swimming pool has opened here in Dallas, and I, for one, could not be more ready! We don’t have a pool at home, but my kids and I all love to swim. Over the last few years, I’ve figured out a few tricks to make my life a little easier when bringing my young kids to the pool. Let’s take a look at what’s in my pool bag.

What’s in My Pool Bag

Pool Bag

Let’s start with the bag itself. I bought this SCOUT bag a couple of years ago and I really like it. The top zips closed, it’s very lightweight (even when loaded up with stuff), and it holds everything we need for my family of five.pool bag

Wet/Dry Bag

I think every mom already has one of these, but I keep a wet/dry bag in my pool bag. I throw wet swimsuits and reusable swim diapers in them after we’ve changed back into dry clothes. I take this bag to the laundry room immediately and hang up the wet suits. Once the bag is dry, it goes right back in my pool bag.

Laundry Bag

I bought this set of mesh laundry bags last year and decided that one of the smaller ones was perfect for my pool bag. I store goggles and pool toys in it. Everything dries nicely in there, and I do not have to worry about remembering where the goggles are–they’re already in the pool bag!

Snack Bag

Do I have a bag problem? Maybe. But I love knowing exactly where everything is. If I already have a bag for everything, it takes some of the brainwork away. I like to have a bag of snacks ready for the pool–just make sure they are not melty! Some of our favorites are granola bars, goldfish, and animal crackers. Replenish your supplies when you get home, and you will be all set for the next trip to the pool.

Sunblock Bag

I have some of the fairest kids you will ever see, and after doing enough sun damage to myself in my teens, I keep a supply of sunblock everywhere. We have backyard sunblock, car sunblock, diaper bag sunblock, and of course, pool bag sunblock. Keep it in its own bag. That way, in case of a spill, it will be well contained.

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I know I made this mistake the first time we took my son swimming, so here’s a reminder for whoever needs to hear it: Swim diapers only hold solids, not liquids! Keep the regular diapers on as long as possible, and swap to a swim diaper right before you get in the pool (or ocean). I like to keep a couple of regular diapers AND a couple of swim diapers in my pool bag for this very reason.

Rash Guard

My number 1 recommendation for moms is to get a rash guard for themselves! First, it saves so much time by not having to put sunblock on those areas, and secondly, no one is pulling your suit down in the pool! This took me too long to figure out for myself. Lands’ End has excellent ones that hold up really well (I think they run a little big). Order yours now!

Sun Hat

When we’re taking a snack break, I like to find a shady area. Of course, that’s not always possible, so I try to have a sun hat ready for myself and each of the kids. This is my favorite. And this is a good one for kiddos.

Now I’m even more excited for the summer swim season!

What are your must-haves for the swimming pool?


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