What to Wear to Walt Disney World in the {Winter}


Disney WorldDisney World is the most magical place on earth! Except when it’s crazy cold and rainy…then it loses something in translation. I’ve been to Disney when it’s warm and it’s an amazing place to be. But sometimes the winter weather in Florida is tough to predict…and even harder to pack for. I’ve now experienced two cold December trips to Disney World and here are my tips for what to pack so your whole family stays warm and dry!

A week before our trip, the weather forecast had 80 degree temps. In reality, we only saw 70 degrees one day, and the lows were in the 30s! I’d love to tell you you’ll be able to show off cute, coordinated, family outfits, but when it’s that cold and rainy, I promise no one really cares. You’ll be looking for the most functional pieces at that point!

Layers, layers, layers…

Bottom layer
For really cold temps, start off with a good bottom later. Workout gear is great for this! Leggings and workout tops are perfect to keep you warm. If it gets too hot later in the day, peel off this layer and it packs away easily in your park bag.

For the kiddos, a long sleeve shirt and knit pants or leggings as the bottom later are always a good option!

Extra layers
Long sleeves and t-shirts. Definitely join in the Disney fun with your favorite character shirts and Disney gear—perfect for meals and shopping.

Flannel button downs or striped shirts are classic and colorful, and easily go from your winter wardrobe to cold and rainy Florida temps.

Check out buffalo plaid flannel for the whole family!

Top layer
Hopefully it’s not so cold that you will miss your thick winter coat (how do you pack that??), however, there was definitely one night we were jealous of our fellow park goers in their big, puffy coats! A rain jacket or parka, on top of all your other layers should do the trick to keep you warm and toasty.

I’m totally a jeans girl and they held up to the unpredictable weather. I took three pairs. The hubs wore sweat pants most days over his workout gear.

Rain gear for the whole family!

I didn’t even think about taking hats and gloves until we were walking out the door to catch our flight. Thank goodness I did! We still had to buy gloves while we were there, but we didn’t have to shell out for all brand new winter gear!  Take along a pack of hand warmers to throw in pockets to keep your hands nice and toasty, especially on cold nights.  The $10 poncho is actually worth it and will help keep you dry among the elements!

Shoes! Take your tennis shoes or running shoes. My regular walking shoes did not hold up against the rain as well as my running shoes did. Running shoes must just be built for extreme weather. We couldn’t believe the number of people we saw in flats and even sandals! It was definitely too cold for that! Disney cast members expect that you’ve had a long day, so servers, even in the nicest of restaurants, are not judging your footwear.

Stroller gear
If your kids are under age 5, you’ll probably want a stroller with you in the parks.  Whether you bring your stroller from home or rent one, you’ll want to have a weather shield to keep your kiddo and stroller dry while it’s parked. The unfortunate downside is your child may not get to see all the Disney magic from under the cover. If you don’t have the weather shield, a poncho works in a pinch.

Also, make sure to take a stroller blanket. While you’ll warm up from all the walking, your kiddo won’t be exerting as much energy from the stroller. I definitely wished we’d had a blanket instead of a towel from the hotel.

Even in the rain and colder weather, with these tips, you and your family will have a memorable trip to Disney!


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