What Makes Camp Huawni Unique & Why I Sent My Kid There


This post has been sponsored by Camp Huawni. All opinions are 100% our own.

To be transparent, I had never heard of Camp Huawni before last summer. I knew of the “popular” camps with five-year-long waitlists and varius local summer camps, but Camp Huawni wasn’t one I was familiar with.

I won a giveaway to send my son here at a discounted rate, and, well, who doesn’t love a discount? [Speaking of: Don’t miss the promo code below!] My son was seven and had never done sleepaway camp before. I started my research to confirm if it was a good fit. Where is it located? What do they do all day? Will he be in good hands? What do we pack? Ahhhhh!

Everyone told me he was too young to go a whole week “by himself,” but I’m his mama and I know best, or at least I always think I do. I figured that if he was too young, we’d learn that and try again later (kids are much more resilient than we give them credit for).

Camp Huawni is nestled away in the Piney Woods of East Texas. If you haven’t been out that way, it’s beautiful and only a 3.5-hour drive from Dallas. Camp Huawni is what we call a “throwback” camp, kind of what I think Camp Anawanna from Salute Your Shorts on Nickelodeon must have been like (yes, I’m a ’90s kid). They’ve hosted boys and girls since 1965 and are ACA- and Texas Youth Camp Health & Safety-accredited.

So, why did I send my son to Camp Huawni?

It’s designed for kids to start the summer after 1st grade all the way through summer after 11th grade. If my mama-loving sweet boy can go, so can yours. At these ages, kids have the energy to enjoy a day of activities and can take care of themselves (no, they don’t need you to help put on their socks anymore).

It’s an outdoors-lovin’ camp. The Huawni daily schedule is like your grandma’s secret recipe—it has been carefully knit together to make your kid’s day a ridiculously fun one. Campers dive into six different activities per day. They get to experience fishing, swimming, archery, playing basketball and frisbee golf, Gaga Ball, hiking, swinging from the high ropes course, singing and dancing in talent shows, having water balloon and shaving cream fights, and launching off a giant water slide!

Did I mention this is a throwback, old school camp? That may be a turn off to some of the more bougie Dallas moms, but it’s what drew me in! Salute Your Shorts and The Parent Trap would be proud! The open-air cabins actually made me happy. Yes…multiple fans, but no air conditioning! Kids sleep in bunk beds with about eight to twelve campers in each cabin. They don’t get fancy rooms; it’s not glamping. They are there to explore the outdoors and simply be kids!

Your child will completely unplug, get personal attention, be safe, and experience a wholesome and iPad-free week(s) at Camp Huawni while truly getting to be themselves and enjoy the outdoors.

Annnnnnd, drum roll, please…They are offering $100 off a one-week camp and $200 off a two-week camp. Promo code is dallasmoms. (Expires May 6, 2022.)

Be sure to check out their dates and rates for 2022 and the FAQ for first-time parents.



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