What I’ve Learned From Those Rough Days…



rough day
Photo by: Kelley McCleod Photography

Are you having a rough day?  A rough patch? This too shall pass. Whatever that is for you, whether its feeling inadequate, undervalued, voiceless, overwhelmed or overworked, I want you to know that this too shall pass. But before it passes, what is it teaching you? I know, it’s easier for me to say encouraging words right now because, man.. this day or week, month or year is just plan hard. But if we don’t grasp the lesson of this moment, it may have to come around again. I often ask myself what am I being taught by this hard season?


Recently, I decided to make a major transition for our family. The idea sounded great, but it came with it fair share of struggles and hard times bringing a ton of concerns. We’re shifting. In the midst of me feeling an immense amount of pressure being applied on my shoulders from motherhood to marriage to business and the other things I have going on, I have to stop for a moment and ask, what is this teaching me? For me, right now, I’m being taught how to function on a new level of faith and trust in God. I’m being taught that just because I feel it, I don’t have to say it and to embrace not having it all together at least for right now. The process that I’m going through and the pressures that I feel, they are for my good. This is true as long as I see the lessons and learn by allowing my character to be built and mental capacity to be strengthened. It’s not easy. 

Your children need you to be strong and present but mom, new mom, seasoned mom–you can have one day. Your day should include finding you. Where are you? What will it take to get back to a place of peace? I’ve given up on finding “normal”. What is normal? That looks different for each person. If you are married, allow your marriage to be a place of strength and fun. Yes, fun. Have fun again and go play. Play like that 8 year old you who had an imagination out of this world. Have your day or two (or more). It’s funny because motherhood is the best place to get back to our childlike ways, but we often forget how to play and enjoy being us again.

I want you to know that you’re not alone. You can’t see us, but we’re out there in the same place needing someone to say, I understand and this too shall pass. For me, this season requires me to close my eyes and say “Bridgette, you can do this” or “Bridgette, don’t give in to the pressures, release it and let it go.” Let it go. Why? Because the truth is, this too shall pass. The passing is in our control. Will we hold on to it, or will we decide to let it go believing their are better days ahead? And if you don’t have strength to think about tomorrow, think about right now. Just get through right now. You see, that moment just passed and you’re okay. I’m rooting for you as I encourage myself. See you on the other side of “this”.


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