What is Apparent? The Unique (New-To-Texas) Company, Explained


This post has been sponsored by Apparent Insurance. All opinions are 100% our own.

Let’s start with a frank statement: Insurance is not, like, a fun topic. It’s confusing and frustrating at best. But what if it didn’t have to be?

Apparent believes that insurance can and should be better, and it’s now available in Texas so we can all benefit from their thoughtful, family-based approach.


It’s an insurance company designed for parents, by parents with a mission of bringing clarity and empathy to the insurance world. From day one, they’ve utilized a diverse Parent Panel to consult and advise on what’s important in a family policy and what benefits would serve us best. And the panel is still at it… providing constant feedback, practical tips, and brainstorming new offerings.

An insurance company for families needs to speak clearly, provide shortcuts, and make life easier.

apparent insurance family car insurance dallas

Apparent is primarily for auto insurance, although you can bundle or select other products as needed (I’ll get to that in a sec). They offer features, discounts, and services designed specifically for the different stages of your family life. Including but not limited to:

You know how every older person on earth tells you that “time flies” when they see you out with your kids? I’ve heard this so many times at the grocery store, I swear. But honestly, it’s true. My children are almost 7 and 9 which means they’re going to be ready for driver’s ed in the blink of an eye. I’ve spent so much time worrying about when they should get phones that I haven’t even let myself think about the ins and outs of them becoming DRIVERS. When we reach these different stages of life it’s ok (even necessary) to take a step back and evaluate the services we pay for when it comes to our families. Adding a driver or another car to my insurance policy definitely deserves consideration, especially now that I know there are better options out there.

I encourage you to request a quote because A) it’s super easy and B) you do not have to stay with your current car insurance company, especially if you’ve ever been frustrated by them! It really is so simple to switch.

And like I mentioned before, Apparent offers all kinds of insurance which you can most definitely bundle for discounts: Home Insurance, Renters Insurance, Life Insurance, and more. Poke around on their website (don’t miss the FAQ). Or click on any of the links I’ve included in this post and see how they describe their different products.
You can tell THEY think about all this the same way WE think about it. It feels different from the other insurance shopping I’ve done. Because it IS different. Better.



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