We All Scream For iCream!


I’m from Garland, but my husband and I find ourselves driving over all areas of the Metroplex to try out new food places.  Food is our romance (which is probably why I can’t lose my last ten baby pounds) and we attempt to go to at least one brand new place a month.

After recently surviving a trip to IKEA with our toddlerI noticed the sign for iCream Cafe and was intrigued.  While we didn’t stop on that trip, the next time my family found ourselves in Frisco, we made a highly-anticipated trip to try out their frozen treats.

For those of you who are not familiar with iCream Cafe, you might be asking me why it is any different from the other ice cream shops in my own neck of the woods.  Have you ever watched one of those cooking competitions on TV–you know the ones where the chef, last minute, will bring out this huge cylinder with smoke pluming out of the top and pour it onto to some unsuspecting food item to be instantly frozen?

That is exactly what iCream Cafe does…and right in front of you!


You have the opportunity to pick up to two base flavors and unlimited mix ins (though they do charge by the mix in, so be wary!) and in which consistency you would like your frozen treat–ice cream, sorbet, yogurt, shake, or hot pudding.  They mix it all up in front of you and in just a few minutes, your personal concoction is delivered to you.

We were excited to try our desserts to see if the special way they were created really made any sort of difference and to see if it was worth going out of our way for it.  I was extremely pleased with mine! I ordered the PBOMG (vanilla ice cream with peanut butter, cream cheese, and graham crackers).


It had a really smooth consistency and the flavors were spot on.  It would be hard for me to try something different after having this. The rest of my family ordered “boring” flavors like strawberry and chocolate.  My mom was the only one who wasn’t thrilled with her selection–vanilla with blueberries.  That said, the running joke in my family is my mother doesn’t like good food (her most favorite restaurant ever is IHOP if that gives you any idea of what we mean) and I thought it tasted exactly as described.

If you ever find yourself in the area, I would suggest it as an occasional treat since it can be a little pricey.  My daughter thought it was just about the coolest thing ever to watch her ice cream being made– pun intended.

iCream Cafe Review 1

Have you ever been to iCream Cafe-what did you think?

Also, if you have any other food spots my family should try out anywhere in the Metroplex-let me know!  We are always up for an adventure!


**This iCream Cafe post wasn’t sponsored! I just love writing about my food! 


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