We All Scream For Ice Cream!


Fall is here and I don’t know about you, but I’m so excited about the cooler temperatures we are starting to experience in DFW!  While some people people are starting to think about boots, jackets, and soups, a lot of people in Richardson are so excited about something quite the opposite — ice cream!!

This past Saturday, Sweet Firefly opened their doors for the first time and what a day they had!  Located in the II Creeks Shopping Center (2701 Custer Parkway), the shop isn’t obvious from the road.  It’s first successful days are attributed to word of mouth advertisement.  A little Facebook doesn’t hurt either. 🙂

I went in on opening day with my kids and I can’t tell you how pleasantly surprised I was when I looked at the menu for the first time.  I LOVE feeling like I’m getting a good deal and when I realized I could get my two year old a scoop of ice cream for $1.00 and $2.50 for me, I knew we would be regulars!!  Truth be told, we went again, yesterday! 🙂

Not only does Sweet Firefly sell gourmet ice cream, they also have shaved ice, candy, chocolate, and coffee! YUMMY!

The owners, Patti and Angie, envision Sweet Firefly to be a place where families can come to relax and enjoy a sweet treat together while meeting with neighbors and friends, as well.  This must be perfect timing for them.  The shopping center owner has tried for eight years to get an ice cream shop and they must have finally found the perfect owners and shop!  It’s already a very popular place!  There is such a cozy welcoming feeling when you walk in the door and the staff is so kind and friendly.  It makes you want to hang out and stay a while.  🙂

Patti (far left) found much of her inspiration for the business from her daughter, Kate, affectionately referred to as Katerbug, who passed away at the tender age of 2 in December of 2009.  She wants to bring light, joy, and hope, as her daughter did everyday, and so the name “Sweet Firefly” was created.

There are plans to have a weekly story time for little ones and many other fun activities in the works for kids!  A room in the back will be available to rent by the hour for birthday parties or any other group event.  There are so many opportunties for this fun little space and I’m so excited to be a regular customer with my family!

If you are in Richardson and get a sweet tooth, or even want to have a cup of coffee, you should definitely check out Sweet Firefly at 2701 Custer Parkway.  You will NOT be disappointed.  And if you want to take my advice, you must get a scoop of the Bourbon Vanilla ice cream.  Mmmmm-mmmmm Good!!




  1. Sweet Firefly is the one of the best gourmet shops around! Their ice cream is the truly amazing! The atmosphere is fun, busy, and extremely family oriented. It is an instant classic! We buy gifts their too. They have a wide variety of candies and other little gems that make great gifts! In the summer my kids can’t get enough shaved ice there too! Thank you to Angie and Patti for creating such a fun, treat-filled place to frequent in Richardson!


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