Wardrobe Revamp for Him


If you’re husband is like mine, he doesn’t put much effort into updating his wardrobe. Mine has gone shopping only a handful of times in the past 5 years and usually to the Brooks Brothers and JCrew Outlet in Allen. So besides what I give him for Christmas he mainly lives in Brooks Brothers non-iron shirts, khakis or jeans. Basically what he wears to work, he wears on the weekends as well. He also wears glasses everyday and has had the same pair of glasses for 5+ years. Don’t even get me started on his suits…Jos A. Bank, pleated pants left over from his Wall Street days in NYC and suit jackets that are not fitted for his body type…not a good look! Steve is now a Consultant and travels every week so shopping is not an efficient use of his free time when he is home. I knew that if he was going to change his look, the shopping experience would have to be low stress, hassle free and preferably have beer involved. After a little bit of research on my part, I was able to pitch him an idea (using visuals…Consultant remember?) that he was very receptive to. I proposed the following: Bonobos, Warby Parker, Knot Standard and Trunk Club. The huge selling point for these is that not only are they all online but they all have stores in Dallas for measuring and styling. The best thing is that they keep all of his sizes and style preferences on file so that when he purchases again in the future he can do so online and it’s super easy and saves time or if he chooses to go in and be styled again, he can.  I sold him on my pitch and he went for it…

Bonobos – Located at 1901 N. Henderson Ave. (Knox-Henderson)bonobos1

For Everyday Options — Bonobos Guideshops offer all of the same great clothing he can find on their website, but while there he is fitted and styled by a professional stylist and can try on everything before he purchases. Also he doesn’t have to walk out with tons of bags or worry about standing in line to check out either. His guide will place his order for him and store his sizes and style preferences online so going forward he doesn’t have to come back in unless he wants to. They also offer something called “The Core 11” which is really what sold my husband. It consists of 5 pairs of pants and 6 shirts of varying styles and fit for different occasions that can be mixed and matched. His Bonobos experience was great. He was in and out in an hour and now has a nice array of stylish non work clothes that can be mixed and matched to create different looks. Added bonus — they offer new customers a 20% discount on their first time shopping experience. 

Trunk Club – Located at 333 1st Ave (Deep Ellum)

trunkFor the One Stop Shop — Trunk Club is a very easy sell. Just tell your husband that all he has to do is make an appointment, show up, drink some beers at their bar, while a stylist tells him what to purchase that fits with his existing wardrobe, style and budget. They offer everything from socks, to bags, to accessories and every item imaginable for a wardrobe so there is no need to ever go to a mall again. Each “Clubhouse” has free high speed Wi-Fi, full service bar & coffee bar, styling, on-site tailoring and courier service so they will never be inconvenienced during their shopping experience. While there he will be fitted and styled and leave the Clubhouse with a varying array of casual to fancy clothes that fit, make sense and are super stylish and hopefully either caffeinated or with a good buzz going. Even if you don’t live in Dallas you can do all of this online as they offer the same styling service there and will ship you the clothes in what they call a “trunk”. Then you have 10 days to trunk2decide if you want the items or not which gives even the most indecisive husband time to mull things over. Then they keep what they want and ship back, for free, what they don’t. There are no membership fees and he can come in for a small order consisting of just undershirts and socks or an entire wardrobe revamp. 


Knot Standard – Located at 1902 N. Henderson Ave. (Knox-Henderson)

For Fancier Attire — Knot Standard is unique because it offers a wide array of traditional and modern suits, dress shirts, blazers, ties, eknot3tc at reasonable prices that can be tailored to meet your husband’s needs (whether it’s the lapel, the lining, the buttons, etc. you name it…he gets to choose and customize what he wants). He should first take advantage of their services and make an appointment to get fitted and feel the different fabrics and see the different styles and work along with a stylist to decide what works best for his body type. They also offer complete custom tailored options as well, which I highly recommend. There is nothing like a custom made suit for a man. My husband has what I call a “swimmers body” which means he is very tall with broad shoulders and a small waste — this makes it very difficult for him to buy suits, sports coats and even shirts off the rack.  How their custom department works is that he will first get measured and then a 3D digital model of his body will be created where they then create the pattern of the suit to perfectly fit his body. knotAll patterns are then laser-cut and hand-assembled based on everything he picked out and voila…the perfect fitting unique suit, just for him! Steve has yet to dive into this but I am hoping this is his next stop! I should also mention that they have 7 tiers of fabrics to choose from that vary in price range and they have a 6 week turnaround. I personally admired their sport coats because of the thought process that went into them. Not only do they have your name, signature or monogram embroidered but they also have a special pocket for their pen as well as a pocket for their MP3 player of choice. Makes it great for commuting husbands. 

Warby Parker – 2008 N Henderson Ave. (Knox-Henderson)

For Eyewear — My husband has worn glasses since he was a child. But he tends to find one pair that he loves and wear them out. Recently his favorite pair was discontinued from Oliver Peoples (CRAZY $$$ btw) so I decided to take him to to the Warby warbyparker1Parker Classroom on Henderson to see what all the hype was about. They believe that “glasses are too expensive” and that buying glasses should be fun, an experience and ultimately become part of your wardrobe. They also have a similar model to Tom’s in the sense that for every pair purchased they donate a pair to a person in need. All frames start at $95 and increase slightly based on whether or not he requires single vision or progressive, but really very affordable in comparison to the other vision companies. We liked the Classroom experience because he could try them on in person with a stylist and find the right pairs for that fit his face — also since they are so affordable, he was able to get more than one pair and even sunglasses. Warby Parker also offers an online service where you can pick out 5 pairs of glasses to be shipped to your home that you have 5 days to try on and decide if you like or not and then ship back for free. They even have an Instagram hashtag, #WarbyHomeTryOn, where you can post pictures of yourself wearing the glasses and you will receive feedback from a stylist almost immediately. 

Other shopping experiences to consider in Dallas: Nordstrom and St. Bernard Sports. They will both keep your husband’s size, brands and other information like (swim, golfer, shops for work clothes) and email him when they have items that will work for his style and fit. At Saint Bernard they know most men shop only twice a year so if he hasn’t been in by the middle of June he will receive a personal email with what they have available that will work for him.

My favorite thing about these companies is that they are all available in brick and mortar in Dallas but also available to the masses online. They are all zero stress, zero hassle and make shopping a fun and easy experience for your busy husband all the while styling him in clothes that really fit well, make him look and feel good and make you happy. I promise you will be wowed when your husband walks in the door after his styling. I sure was!


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