Because Two Moms Can Be Better Than One: A Unique Look into “Job Sharing”

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Wake up.

Get the kids out the door.


Pick up kids.

Feed said kids.

Sleep, or don’t.


That is the all too common weekly routine of the working mom.  Day in and day out we are constantly struggling with the balance of work and life; continually putting our kids, family and job before our own needs.  If we are at work 40-50 hours a week and tending to our children and home in our off time, when does the much needed, “Me Time” happen?!  The offensively honest answer is, that most of the time, it just doesn’t

Moms of all walks of life typically wear many hats.  We are not only mother, but caregiver, cook, cleaner, chauffer, booger wiper….if you’re reading this I’m sure you’re well aware of all the roles a mom can play.  We are the backbone of our family, yet we neglect to find the time to put ourselves and our needs first, and I’m not even talking about the occasional massage or facial.  What about prioritizing the time to care for our mental and physical health?  Well, the truth is that it’s hard to prioritize time you don’t have. 

So what’s the solution to this circus show we call life?  Do we stop sleeping?  Although there is no one specific resolution to this quagmire, modern working conditions have come up with an alternative that could be attractive to a lot of people.  Job Sharing is the latest option to hit the work force to help improve quality of life for many who find this balancing act difficult and need a change. 

Job sharing or work sharing is an employment arrangement where typically two people are retained on a part-time or reduced time basis to perform a job normally fulfilled by one person working full-time. ~Wikipedia  

Compensation is apportioned between the workers, thus leading to a net reduction in per-employment income.  According to Dr. David G. Javitch of Entrepreneur, two needs must be met for a successful job sharing position to work, “the need of your business and the needs of your employee.  Both of you need to buy into the concept that more than one person can adequately cover the task of one full-time job.

958DC238-C3B3-49C9-96BA-B8F04DAA6351As a working mom / booger wiper myself, I battled with the delicate balance of work and home life once my kids were born.  I constantly wondered how moms were able to do it all and how I was going to be the best possible me for my kids and my career.  I would often bend the ear of my best friend and fellow working mom / booger wiper (Brandi Mayer) to get her thoughts and opinions on all topics mommy. Her and I are nearing the 30 year marker of our friendship and have always relied on each other for advice and a nonjudgmental ear. Since we had decided at a very young age that we would one day be in business together, the thought of job sharing seemed very appealing to the both of us.  Brandi had been a Realtor in San Antonio for the last 10 years and I was one in Dallas so the career was obvious…we just needed to get in the same city together. 

A few months later the stars aligned and the heavens opened and Brandi and her family were relocated to Dallas for her husband’s job.  Our childhood dream was coming to fruition and we could finally enjoy the benefits of being in a job sharing situation.  For us, this opportunity was ideal. 

Brandi had 2 girls and I had a little girl and a boy on the way.  Both of us had been working moms for a few years and realized that it was difficult and wanted a chance to make it a better experience for, not just us, but our families as well.  Job sharing was not just a chance to free up some personal time, but a chance to be a part of a close knit team that relied on each other and relieved some of the burden and stress that went along with our many titles.  We structured our company so that everything was divided 50/50

7D5EB6BD-217D-4B01-AD99-9667F3F4FAFDIf we had a client that needed to go look at houses and we didn’t have child care that day than one of us would put our Realtor hat on and the other would wear her caregiver hat.  If one of us was on vacation the other would keep business going smoothly.  In an industry that rarely allows for time off, we found a way to make it work and job sharing was key.  Brandi was definitely a life saver when I delivered my son.  I was able to stay home and care for him and let my body heal while she was the face of Martin Mayer Group.  To keep our balance even, I would do the administrative part from home; writing contracts making calls or researching properties; while she was “out in the field,” networking and doing showings. 

It certainly doesn’t hurt that we are like sisters and have similar work ethics.  Martin Mayer Group would not be the success that it is and we would not be the successful moms we’ve always wanted to be without us being able to divide the work load so we are more available to our families and to ourselves. 

Although this new job sharing movement may not work for every position, the opportunity is out there. 

Lots of top employers are weighing the benefits of these types of unique options to keep their employee satisfaction high.  If your current employer does not offer job sharing you could write a proposal to share your job that outlines the basics of the transition.  It’s good to include your purpose of the proposal, how job duties can be shared, possible schedule division, if there are any “extras” required to accommodate this change, potential person to share with, advantages of this option, and a possible implementation date.  Some opportunities that are already out in the work force are administrative positions like an office manager, pharmaceutical sales, marketing representatives, insurance positions and even the banking industry.


If you’re interested in learning more about how Martin Mayer Group makes job sharing work, or are in the market for a home in DFW, they’d love to hear from you!

Martin Mayer GroupErica and Brandi are full-service agents, helping their clients with real estate investment, buying and selling homes, and property management. They take pride in being accountable, accessible, and doing their job every day with passion so they can deliver a great experience for their clients. For more information, email Martin Mayer Group at [email protected] OR call them at 972-522-9702 or 210-867-4715. 


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