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Trinity Christian Academy

One Trinity Christian Academy parent shares her story of moving her kids from public school to elementary at TCA:

Why did you and your husband decide to move your kids from public school?
Once both of my children were in school 5 days a week, 8-3pm, I realized just how many hours I was NOT the primary adult teaching and shepherding my kids, and it shook me! Our experience at public school had been great, but I began thinking how influential the school environment actually is on a child’s emotional and educational development, and that led us to looking into sending our children to a Christian school, and ultimately choosing TCA. Now we are convinced this is the right place for our kids!
With all the private schools in Dallas, why did you choose TCA?
We toured several different schools in the Dallas area, but TCA stood out for 3 main reasons: 
1) School Atmosphere – When we walked down the halls of the lower school at TCA, there was color on the walls, amazing art showcased outside the classrooms, and most notable, the children were giggling, smiling, and talking to their friends as they passed by!  This was such a stark contrast to our past experience where hands had to remain behind their backs and bubbles had to be in their mouths as they moved from class to class.  I am all for following directions and being respectful to others when at school, but I believe that children need to have the freedom to be kids, and that’s what I saw as I walked the halls of TCA, kids who were experiencing the joy of learning.
 2) Teachers and Parents – We were so encouraged and impressed by the TCA mission, “to develop the whole person for the Glory of God.”  As we heard from many teachers and faculty about why they do what they do, it became quite clear that their heart was to see these kids come to know the Lord and serve Him with their time and talents.  This mission runs through all three schools: lower, middle and upper, and is the foundation for academic, athletic, and the social and emotional development of each child.  They want each child who leaves TCA to know and follow Christ and out of that relationship, they want them to strive for excellence in all other areas. Our children find a shepherd in every adult they encounter on campus: from assistants to administrators, from teachers to substitutes. We want our children to love God, and we are confident that the goal of each teacher and faculty is the same. As a parent, there is no greater comfort than knowing that other people are working with you, shoulder to shoulder, as you disciple your child! 

Trinity Christian Academy

3) Academic Rigor coupled with the 21st Century Classrooms – For us, TCA struck a balance between the rigor that we were looking for, and the technology that is available to us today. I love that my kids are reading the great classics, working on math memorization & Scripture recitation, while also getting to take part in STEM club and using computers and iPads in the classroom. TCA has been, for us, a very balanced place for kids to learn and grow. 

How did you know Trinity Christian Academy was right for your family?
When I went to the prospective parents meeting, I had the opportunity to explore TCA, its campus and its classrooms. I could tell immediately that this was a school where my kids could thrive. The size was such a draw, because it is big enough to provide many extracurricular opportunities but small enough to be intimate and not overwhelming. We have a great athletic tradition, and many opportunities in the arts as well. 
Also, TCA is unique in that the focus on learning is discovery and not just absorption. This means the learning sticks. A broad range of teaching techniques mean that every kind of learner has opportunities — at some schools we believed the focus on memorization would suit our daughter well, but might not engage our son best. My kids love the range of opportunities from elementary sports teams and camps, from chess club to world-class art classes. All of this is wonderful, but far and away the biggest benefit of switching to TCA is that my kids are learning from passionate teachers how to live out their faith. I am no longer trying to teach them faith in the “remaining” hours after school, but I have the gift of knowing all that I teach is being reinforced during the kids’ hours at school each week. 
***Shelby Boyuls and her husband, Malachi, have a 3rd grader and a 1st grader at TCA this year. Their youngest, Reese, will join the ranks as part of the class of 2034. The Boyuls have been married 15 years and currently reside in Richardson. ***
Want to know more? 
The next tour is a Lower School (grades preK-4) Preview on April 12, from 9:30 to 11 am. (RSVP: Prospective parents are also welcome to schedule a personal tour anytime by contacting the Office of Admission, 972-931-8325, ext. 2921.
Trinity Christian Academy opened in 1970, and serves kids Pre-K through 12th Grade. At their Christ-centered community, TCA prepares the whole student to excel through college preparatory curriculum, excellence in athletics (21 Varsity teams and 55 teams grade 7-12), and award-winning fine arts.



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