Top Three Hotels for an Overnight Date in Dallas


Sometimes you just need to get away! And, by “away” I mean anywhere your children are not. Sure, even a few hours out can offer refreshment. But being gone overnight–missing both bedtime and the early morning wake-up calls–is totally therapeutic.

That’s why my husband and I have learned to love (read: depend on for our sanity) overnight dates.

Dallas hotels can offer BIG fun for an overnight date!
Dallas hotels can offer BIG fun for an overnight date!

The Perfect Gift?

Instead of buying each other holiday gifts (more stuff we don’t need), we usually opt for a night in one of our favorite Dallas hotels.

We’ve found the holidays to be an especially good time for us to plan this type of getaway because we have extra family in town, ready and available to bond with (read: babysit) the kiddos.

In some cases, we’ve also found that many great hotels aren’t as crowded. We once spent the night of December 23rd at the Dallas Renaissance Hotel (another awesome choice, even though it didn’t make my top three). That night they only had four other rooms occupied (according to a chatty front desk employee)! They upgraded us to a great suite and we savored the quietness.

So what’s my idea of a great overnight date location? Well, it must include a certain amount of extravagance. I like crisp (yet soft) white linens, great food, and a gorgeous bathroom. No, these may not be the least expensive hotels in the city. But, if you are in the mood for a special night, and a bit of a splurge, you’ll definitely want to check these places out.

Here are my three favorite hotels for an overnight date in Dallas:

1) The Joule

We spent a night at the Joule in August and it was, in a word, phenomenal. They’ve recently remodeled a bunch of rooms and the experience was one hundred percent luxury. The hotel is located at 1530 Main Street in downtown Dallas.

The superior service there impressed me from the second we walked in. I couldn’t pull my small overnight bag four steps into the lobby before a kind young man came and pulled it for me. This same young man took us all the way to our room (after check-in) so he could show us how everything worked. At first we thought this was unnecessary. But once we arrived in our gorgeous, high tech room, we were glad he came along. Turns out the room has a type of control monitor by the bed that adjusts everything from the room temperature to the blinds. 

It was awesome. 

As was the huge glass door on the bathroom, the incredible shower, the robes and slippers, and the turn down service. Put dark chocolate on my pillow while I’m away at dinner and you’ll capture my heart. Every time. The rooftop pool on top of the hotel is spectacular. Even if you don’t go in the summer, you’ll want to go see it and maybe get a drink from the bar up there if it’s open. 

The hotel restaurant, CBD Provisions has an interesting American menu featuring a little bit of everything from gulf shrimp and grits to a “pig ear” salad. Or, if you aren’t feeling adventurous enough to eat pig ear, then try the Texas Grassfed burger. You will not regret it! It might be the best burger I’ve ever had.

There’s also a cute coffee shop next to the lobby called Weekend Coffee if you are looking for a quick caffeine fix on your way out to explore downtown Dallas. Or, if you’d rather, make an appointment at the Joule’s eight thousand square foot spa called ESPA. I didn’t go into the spa, but just walking by it smelled wonderful.

Here are a few images from the Joule.

The gorgeous pool at The Joule. Photo courtesy of The Joule Hotel (Photograph by Eric Laignel)
The gorgeous infinity pool at The Joule. You will have to go to the end and look over the edge. Photo courtesy of The Joule Hotel (Photograph by Eric Laignel)
Gorgeous king room at The Joule Dallas. (Photo courtesy of the Joule and taken by Eric Laignel.)
Gorgeous king room at The Joule Dallas. (Photo courtesy of the Joule and taken by Eric Laignel.)
I took this photo because I loved how cool the pool looked hanging over the edge of the building!
I took this photo outside the Joule because I loved how cool the pool looked hanging over the edge of the building!
I'm sorry, but when you put chocolate on my pillow and set out my slippers, you quickly become one of my favorites!
When you put chocolate on my pillow and set out my slippers, you quickly become one of my favorite hotels!

2) The Omni, Downtown Dallas

I’m also a huge fan of the Omni Downtown Dallas. This newer hotel is located on Lamar Boulevard and is adjacent to the Convention Center.

What can I say about the Omni? It’s a gorgeous place. My husband and I have stayed here several times and we enjoy just walking around the hotel looking at all the art that’s everywhere. Even the gift shop is filled with eclectic and interesting things — like bicycles from Villy Customs. There are several quaint lobbies to just sit and read or relax in. Some are even located by cool fireplace-type features.

And, the rooms . . .

There’s a television in the bathroom mirror and the night stand had under-lighting to light your path to the bathroom should you get out of bed after dark. Everything about the rooms is modern and luxurious. Depending on what side of the hotel you are on, you may get a cool view of the city, too. 

There are a few restaurants in the lobby of the Omni. Bob’s Steak and Chop House, The Owner’s Box (Sports Bar) and Texas Spice. I’ve only eaten at Texas Spice, but it’s one of my favorite places for a buffet type breakfast. They have a great variety of gluten-free, sugar-free and other special diet breakfast options. I’m a breakfast lover and waking up for this breakfast buffet is one of my favorite parts of staying at the Omni.

We’ve had some excellent dinners at Texas Spice too. Most of their menu includes organic or locally sourced, which makes enjoying the food feel even better. The infinity pool and jacuzzi are another must see at the Omni. There are fire pits and plenty of places to relax on the pool deck even if you are there during colder weather. 

Here are a few images from the Omni Dallas.

Guest room at Omni Dallas. (Courtesy of Omni Hotels.)
Guest room at Omni Dallas. (Photo courtesy of Omni Hotels.)
You can't miss the Omni at night. Don't worry though, from the inside, you can't see the cool lights! (Courtesy of Omni Hotels.)
You can’t miss the Omni at night. Don’t worry though, from the inside, you can’t see the cool lights! (Photo courtesy of Omni Hotels.)
Another gorgeous, downtown pool deck. (Courtesy of Omni Hotels)
Another gorgeous, downtown pool deck. (Photo courtesy of Omni Hotels)

3) The Gaylord Texan

Last on my list, but not even close to least is the Gaylord Texan located in Grapevine. We’ve stayed at the Gaylord at least a dozen times and it’s a favorite for us for an overnight date or even a family stay-cation. (I wrote about what I love about the Gaylord Texan in the summer in this post.)

Starting in mid-November, the Gaylord turns into a Christmas wonderland as they open up their annual ICE and Lonestar Christmas exhibit. ICE is an amazing display of carved ice sculptures that is so unbelievably amazing you have to see it for yourself (wearing one of their parkas to endure the nine degree temps in the exhibit!)

The way the Gaylord Texan does Christmas time makes it an excellent choice for a holiday getaway. But, I must warn you. While other hotels see low occupancy during the holidays, the Gaylord will sell out of rooms.  So, book early if you want to experience it.

Another awesome thing about a night away at the Gaylord Texan is there are plenty of restaurant choices. You never need to leave the hotel!  You could stay all weekend and eat somewhere different for every meal.

For breakfast, there’s a Starbucks and another quick, grab and go, type option in the hotel, but I personally like the breakfast buffet at the Riverwalk Cantina.  It just may fill you up until dinnertime.

And, speaking of dinner. . . Make some reservations and plan on enjoying yourself.

If you are looking for a true fine dining experience, try the Old Hickory Steakhouse located downstairs in the hotel. Two words for you: delicious steak.

Or, if you aren’t in the mood for something quite that fancy, check out Zeppole, the coastal Italian restaurant located in the atrium. Want an option even more casual? Then eat on the Riverwalk again (yes, it’s just like San Antonio) at the Riverwalk Cantina or at the Texas Station (a sports bar type atmosphere with huge screens to watch your fave Texas sports teams!) The options are many!

Of course, should you wish to venture out in Grapevine you’ll find lots to do downtown or at the Grapevine Mills Mall. Both are only a short drive away.

Christmas Lonestar Atrium
The Gaylord’s beautiful atrium decorated for Christmas. If this doesn’t put you in the mood for Christmas, nothing will. (Photo courtesy Gaylord Texan)
It's a whole lot easier to get a night away in this version of San Antonio than it is to take the trip all the way down there!
It’s a whole lot easier to snag a night away in this version of San Antonio than it is to make the trip all the way down there! (Photo courtesy Gaylord Texan)
The Texan's guest rooms are lovely. (Courtesy Gaylord Texan)
The Texan’s guest rooms are lovely, many have a great balcony overlooking the property or the atrium. (Photo courtesy Gaylord Texan)

So what are you waiting for? Skip stressing over what to get each other for Christmas and plan an overnight date at a great Dallas hotel instead!

What are your favorite Dallas hotels?

(Disclosures: I got nothing, nada, zilch for recommending these hotels. Though I have enjoyed reduced rate rooms at each location because of friends who are employed there, these made my list because I truly love them all and just wanted to share these treasures with our reader moms!)



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