Top 8 Things to Expect from a Christian School


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When considering private school in Dallas, you’ll notice that many of the local private schools have a religious affiliation. So, what does that mean? What can you expect at a Christian private school?

Our Redeemer Lutheran School is a sponsor of the Dallas Moms “Guide to Childcare & Schools in and Around Dallas.” To help you decipher what is important to you when vetting a Christian education for your child, Our Redeemer has provided an overview the major qualities that set Christian schools apart from others.

Large group of students standing outside on the steps of Our Redeemer wearing paper Cat in the Hat top hats. Our Redeemer is a Christian private school in Dallas1. Prayer Is Commonplace

Christian schools pray regularly over activities, functions, and other events. Prayer is part of every school day at the start of school, lunch, and dismissal. With dedicated chapel time and religion classes, praying in school is the norm.

2. The Bible Is Front and Center

Morning announcements include weekly scripture. Bible stories are taught at all grade levels with memory verses for middle grades and detailed exploration of more complex passages for higher grades. Bible-based Christian principles shape each child’s worldview.

3. Character Development Is Key

Building character takes place through deliberate study, discussion, recognition, and activities that explore topics of resilience, honesty, kindness, respect, and personal responsibility. Teachers model important character traits as the foundation for positive life skills. Students develop a solid sense of right and wrong along with their role in their immediate community and society at large.

4. Love of God and Others

Students learn about God’s love and develop a true sense of his love for humanity. Teachers address this love through scripture and lessons discussing the very real ways that God has shown his love in even the smallest details. This translates into teaching about respecting and loving others as all people are children of God.

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5. Truly Caring Staff

Christian schoolteachers tend to see their job as a ministry. They care about their students and their students’ families. Education is more than academics, and teachers build bonds with their students as mentors and friends.

side-by-side images of young students working at tables at Our Redeemer Lutheran School, a Christian private school in Dallas6. More Individualized Attention

Christian private school education affords teachers more time to focus on their students rather than teaching to standardized testing. Teachers learn each child’s strengths and are better able to craft education strategies appropriate for each child.

7. Positive Peer Influences

The culture of a Christian school encourages all students to be the best version of themselves. School life is an extension of the traditional values you foster at home. Messages are consistently reinforced with zero tolerance for bullying, destructive behaviors, or bad habits. Students are encouraged to guide and support each other.

8. Strong Sense of Community

Students are taught that they are part of a larger community. Christian schools typically offer more opportunities for family activities to foster relationships and develop a solid school community.

In addition to the qualities above, the foundational elements you expect with education are also inherently part of a good Christian school:

  • Robust academics.
  • Accredited and licensed teachers.
  • Recognized and established curriculum.
  • Extracurricular activities.
  • Safe and secure teaching environment.

Our Redeemer Lutheran School features 10 enrichment strands that allow families to customize their child’s education based on individual interests. To learn more about this North Dallas campus, schedule a tour here.

Our Redeemer logoFounded in 1960, Our Redeemer Lutheran School has been educating students in an academically focused, joy-filled, and spiritually rich learning environment for more than 60 years. Learn more at the Our Redeemer website and on Facebook.


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