Top 5 Reasons to Attend Club SciKidz Dallas

This post has been sponsored by Club SciKidz to bring our readers information on their summer programming. All opinions are 100% our own! 

Every parent has a dream of providing additional learning opportunities while kids are at home during the summer. Some of us have big goals and head to Pinterest to create daily at-home crafts and lessons to do with their kids, others might simply research the latest summer camps and choose a few that will hopefully provide a fun and educational experience.

Dallas parents have a lot of options, but let’s get real. I know I’ll spend HOURS and HOURS searching Pinterest only to have my kids get bored with my crafts after 5 minutes. And summer camps can be costly! I don’t want to budget for a camp only to discover there weren’t as many educational components as I’d hoped. That’s why I’m an advocate for Club SciKidz Dallas!  

Club SciKidz summer day camps introduce children entering grades PK-7 to the mysteries of science through hands-on interactive make-and-take projects and experiments. Here are the TOP FIVE reasons you need to get your child enrolled for their awesome summer camps!

#1. It’s FUN! Summer can be tricky; we don’t want our kids to be bored, but we don’t want mindless entertainment for them either. Club SciKidz nails the learning-while-having-fun combo. Their science camps are divided up into themed weeks like Deep Space Robotics, CSI, Sea Adventures, Master Minecraft Coder, Grossology… your kids will be into it, for sure.

#2. They’ve got camps for your littles and your bigs! Club SciKidz has programs for ages 4 through 13. Isn’t it so nice when you can drop all the kids off at the same place each day? How often does that happen?

Club SciKidz offers 3 different locations for summer camps:
Trinity Christian Academy
Highland Park Presbyterian Church
Good Shepherd Episcopal School  – new Preston Hollow location!

#3. Club SciKidz is easy to fit into your schedule. They operate Monday-Friday from 9am to 4pm (with optional before/after care), which is especially great if you work outside the home. Here are schedules for a typical day depending on age group.

#4. Science matters. We want our children to grow up learning to observe, hypothesize, experiment, and problem-solve. Nothing fosters this like scientific exploration. At Club SciKidz, the camp activities are all carefully researched and planned by science educators to demonstrate how science works in the real world.

Real quick, here are some of the different topics the camps cover: robotics, forensics, veterinary medicine, food science, video game creation, paleontology, engineering, chemistry and biology, astronomy, oceanography, emergency medicine, and special effects!

#5. Children are natural scientists, and we don’t always capitalize on that innate curiosity in their formative years. These camps are a great way to stoke those fires and keep scientific curiosity alive. Not to be too dramatic, but doesn’t our future depend on that? Still need more info? Here is a link to a detailed camp FAQ!

Club SciKidz is $285 per week and runs the weeks of June 19, June 26, July 10, July 17, July 24, and July 31. Check out their website for more program details and to enroll!

You can also check out Club SciKidz on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram


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