Top 10 Shortcuts & Timesavers to Make Life Easier Right Now


We are all so busy, right? If you know me well, you know I try to optimize life’s tasks and make things easier and simpler any way I can. Here are a few of my current favorite products and ways to simplify my life and make the day-to-day tasks easier. From cooking to staying organized to getting minutes back in your day, I hope these help you find ways you can make your own life a little easier.

Kevin’s Natural Foods

I discovered Kevin’s about a year ago and love the easy and very flavorful protein options. They are fast to fix and healthy—great protein that’s easy to supplement with a side or two or toss on a baked potato or over some rice.

ways to make mom life easier
Give a quick thumbs up if you’re doing okay!

Give a Thumbs Up

I’m not talking about Facebook. When my kid falls on the playground and I’m not sure if I should make a big deal and run to him, our way of addressing it (if it’s not serious) is a quick thumbs up. My husband and I were on a bike ride once, and I fell behind about a quarter mile (okay, he’s always faster than I am). He rode past a couple who were arguing aggressively. I could see he was looking back to make sure I wasn’t scared. I rode around them with no incident, and even from way behind him I could put a thumbs up and he knew I was safe. No conversation required and a quick way to say, “I’m OK!”

Swapping Taco Night for Nacho Night

Tacos are amazing—duh. But I’ve been on a kick where we’ve been doing make-your-own nachos on Tuesday instead of the normal taco night. My kids have even learned to make their own nachos in the microwave.

My Air Fryer

I’ve been on the InstantPot bandwagon for a few years, and I didn’t think I had the counter space to add the latest kitchen gadget. But Costco was having a sale a few months ago, and I haven’t looked back. Perfectly cooked salmon, chicken nuggets in eight minutes, and delicious roasted carrots are some of my favorite items. I especially love it for cooking in the summer when I don’t want to heat up my whole kitchen, or when my husband is grilling and we need some sort of a roasted side to go along with what he’s making.

Prescription Delivery

After CVS ran out of my medications a few times, I opted to sign up for IngenioRx delivery. I get an email or text when I’m running low. I hit submit, and it lands in my mailbox a few days later. No more time spent waiting in the CVS drive through.


I’m a note taker and a list maker, but sometimes my desk gets so cluttered with torn sheets of paper and scribbles on the back of envelopes. Enter Rocketbook. I bought my husband one that you microwave (YES!) and it removes the ink when you are done. The one I use comes with a cloth that you wet and wipe off notes and reuse it. You can easily scan your notes to a variety of apps for items that you want to save for long term.

The DivaCup

This IS a mom website after all…I won’t go into tons of detail, but this takes a lot less storage space in my medicine cabinet. It’s more of a one-time cost than buying personal products on repeat. And it is way easier to travel with.

Using the Address Field for My Contacts in My iPhone

Why have I not used the address field up until now? I finally started filling it out so that when I need to drop something off for a friend or carpool (or ask my husband to), I’ve got addresses at hand. How many times have I been in the vicinity of a friend in my neighborhood but not actually known which house was theirs, or I simply needed the address to map the fastest route? Too many times to admit. To my friends I’ve bugged multiple times for street addresses, my apologies…I’ve finally got a system!

Badge Magic

I’ve got a new Girl Scout, and this product makes keeping her uniform updated with her latest badges so easy. It also works for her soccer uniform and adding her latest soccer patches. And it means I don’t have to keep up with badges before finally putting them on—it’s such a fast process to add badges as soon as they come home.

The Unsubscribe Button

It is always easier to unsubscribe than to delete messages from the same sender once a week. I try to take time to trim down my inbox by making the effort to hit the unsubscribe button when I realize the content doesn’t serve me. Same for social media follows that aren’t in my best interest.

What are your shortcuts and products making your life easier these days? Let me know in the comments!

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