Top 10 Must-Have Toddler Items


September.  My favorite month of the year.  Yes, I confess, it’s my birthday month and I adore sapphires, but the real reason I love September is because of the transition from summer to fall.  There’s just something about the movement away from the exhausting heat and into the crisp, cool autumn breeze that renews my spirit and puts a spring in my step.

It’s the time of year when I’m motivated to make positive and productive change in my life.  New Year’s resolutions?  Pshaw!  September resolutions are where it’s at {bonus: no over crowded gyms/yoga studios in case that little nugget is one of your resolutions}.

There’s one goal in particular on my resolution list that inspired me to want to become a “working mom” contributor for Dallas Moms Blog – to make a positive difference in the lives of others.  What better group of people than one that I have much respect and admiration for – other mommies!

Since my son is transitioning from a sweet babe to a tasmanian devil toddler, I want to share with you my Top 10 Toddler Must-Haves {in no particular order}:

  • Ikea’s Antilop Highchair w/Safety Belt – easy to get in & out of, very easy to clean, sturdy, inexpensive and design-neutral so it won’t clash with your space.
  • NoseFrida Snotsucker Nasal Aspirator – we all know lingering mucus is one of the leading causes of our babes’ ear infections {along with other illnesses}, right? Enter the Snotsucker. It’s non-invasive, BPA & Phthalate free, easy to clean and dishwasher safe.  My favorite tidbit – you can actually see the snot in the clear tube, so you know your efforts were fruitful and that your babe can breathe freely.
  • Halo Sleep Sack – My boy has been donning one of these from the day we said farewell to the swaddle. The sleep sack allows baby to have his hands free and be covered without having to use a traditional blanket.  One added bonus, it makes it more difficult for the little climbers to escape the confines of their cribs.
  • Homedics Sound Spa – For $20, you get the gamut of sound options from rain to waterfalls to ocean waves.  We prefer the waterfall as it is the most similar to white noise.  {Editor’s note to the manufacturer: Please consider redesigning your sound spa so that when power is lost temporarily (think thunderstorm induced power outage), the unit will power back on to the sound that was playing when it shut off.  Your current default – birds chirping – is not ideal at 1:00am when baby is trying to sleep peacefully through the night. Thank you.}
  • Lovies – my son uses lovies for comfort at nap time and bedtime.  When he wakes in the middle of the night, he’ll feel around his crib until he locates one, then snuggle with it {or gnaw it to death} and drift back to sleep {most of the time}.  Of course, I’d recommend the ones without rattles for obvious reasons.
  • Boogie Wipes – Love these! Great for boogies, messy faces and even baby bottoms when needed.  We have them everywhere – nursery, kitchen, my purse, by the garage door.  They are gentle on baby’s skin, and they smell yummy.  They’re a much better alternative to the wipe-boogies-with-hand-and-rub-off-on-clothes method {what? I’m the only one who’s done that?!?}.
  • Munchkin Arm & Hammer Diaper Sack Dispenser Lavender Scent – Let’s just be honest here.  At 15 months & eating everything in sight, my boy’s dirty diapers smell like, well, not roses!  These bags help relieve my guilt of putting a very stinky poopy diaper in a trash can in a public place.  They’re also great for dirty and/or wet clothes that you need to put back in your bag to carry home.
  • CribWrap by TrendLab crib protectors – These are easy to get on & off, soft, decent-looking & they protect your investment from your little woodchuck.  They wash well too.  A must on any teether’s crib rails! 
  • Baby Einstein App {or Talking Tom or Magic Piano etc} – Basically any app geared towards entertaining your little person in a pinch.
  • HappyTot organic superfoods {aka. squeeze pouches} – these are PRICELESS in so many ways…when you can’t get your little one to eat fruits & veggies, when you’re on the go, when you need to supplement a restaurant meal.  They are lightweight, easy to carry, and come in many brands & varieties.  HappyTot’s is our fave not only because they are organic, non GMO, gluten-free & have salba, but also because a portion of their revenue goes to Project Peanut Butter to help feed malnourished children in Malawi & Sierra Leone. What more could you ask for?


What must-have toddler items do you have around your house?



  1. Yes! I have all of these items! I’m good to go!

    With the exception of the crib protector. By the time we realized we needed one, it was too late. The crib was destroyed by teeth marks. 🙂

    • What you can’t see in the photo of the crib is that our little guy got a hold of the rails before we knew any better! Dad will have some sanding and staining to do in his future since our crib converts to a toddler bed. 🙂

  2. So glad to know I’m not the only one who likes seeing the snot in the Nose Frieda….totally gratifying that you can see what you sucked out. haha gross!

    Great post! Will have to look into several of these that I didn’t know about!

  3. I have the crib rail wraps too! But yeah, we got them too late, and after they were on, my son still found a way to gnaw on the little bit of exposed wood.

  4. Michelle, I wish I could have read this awesome article 8 years ago when I had my first baby…it would have saved me much time and frustration! I look forward to reading all of you posts. You’re a funny lady, and obviously an awesome mommy!

  5. Love this post! You are such an entertaining writer and loved all of these suggestions! I too HATE the birds chirping default that comes on after our power has gone out! Can’t wait to read more of your posts 🙂


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