Top 10 Articles of 2022

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We’re teetering on the precipice of 2023, which means it’s the perfect time to reflect on the year that was. In alphabetical order, these Dallas Moms articles are the ones you read and shared most in 2022. Thank you for being here with us and cheers to next year!

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pink flowers in vases on a table at a restaurant

10 Places to Host a Baby Shower in Dallas by Katie Lewis

Need a cute venue for a baby shower or sprinkle? Try one of the spots on this list, each with a private room option if you prefer.

dallas pregnancy guide header graphic

Dallas Moms Pregnancy & Postpartum Support Guide by Katie Lewis

“Being pregnant in a major metropolitan city like Dallas means you have options. Do I want a hospital birth? Do I want a midwife? Should I get a doula? What’s a good childbirth class to take? Who can help with breastfeeding? . . . ”

Dallas preschool and private schools header graphic

Guide to Childcare & Schools in and Around Dallas by Dallas Moms

Local preschools and private schools in Dallas sorted by area for easy searching. Hint, hint: Now is the time to apply for the 2023 – 2024 school year!

man and woman in bed

I Took a Sex MasterClass :: Here Are the 4 Things I Learned by Guest Writer

“Why do we need a class? Is our sex life not good enough? Am I not good enough? Are we losing our connection? . . . ”

view from above of a brunch spread on table

Mother’s Day Activities & the Best Brunch Spots in Dallas by Katie Lewis

Use this for brunch inspo all year long. And be sure to check with us in the spring for new Mother’s Day activity ideas — we update this one every year.

autism resources in Dallas

Raising a Child with Autism: What I Wish I Knew in the Beginning by Kathy Riojas-Crespo

“Our youngest son was diagnosed with autism so early that I can hardly remember a life before it. While the memories seem spotty, the feelings certainly don’t. Those feelings are still raw and real . . .”

close-up of women's joined hands (multiracial)

Recreating Your Village in a Modern World: A Guide to Surviving Pregnancy & Postpartum by Jana Spillers

The perfect companion piece to our pregnancy and postpartum support guide. Don’t miss the great tips for surviving (and thriving!) in postpartum.

stone statue of a sad woman with her head in her hand

Stop Calling Me ‘Strong’ :: Experiences in the Trenches with Loss & Heartache by Kelli Turner

“On the worst day of my life and the following ones, I wasn’t being strong, I was merely surviving — and if that was what strength meant, I didn’t want any part of it . . .”

best dallas family memberships and season passes

Top 10 Family Memberships in Dallas for Spring and Summer by Julia Acosta

A membership at one of these kid-friendly Dallas hot spots pays for itself before you know it. And plenty of the places on this list are open for year-round fun.

illustration of repeating alarm clocks

Top 10 Shortcuts & Timesavers to Make Life Easier Right Now by Lee Armstrong

Optimize your day-to-day with these tips that cover everything from dinner to DivaCups.


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