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When Dolfin Swim School generously offered Dallas Moms Blog to review their swim lessons, I jumped at the opportunity. My 2.5 year old had his first swim lessons last summer, and it was the perfect time to get him back in the water and learning those invaluable safety skills.

Dolfin Swim school baby lessonsI had heard of Dolfin Swim School and even have a friend who was an instructor there. I was eager to check out their pristine facility and get my boys in the water with their gentle but very competent instructors.

With my 14 month old baby in tow, my one concern about these lessons was how I would get in the water and swim with my 2.5 year old when I have a baby to chase around. The owner of Dolfin Swim is a genuinely caring woman who is well versed in these kinds of situations. She recommended since Kyler had swim lessons last year and is comfortable being apart from me, he be in a class with just the instructor in the water with them. This was perfect, and I actually ended up putting my youngest in a class (in which I was in the water with him) at the same time.

It didn’t take me long to fall in love with Dolfin. Upon walking in the door, you are greeted by a lovely selection of cloth swim diapers for the tiniest of bums. Dolfin does not allow disposable swim diapers in their pools, but they require each swimmer under 3 to wear 2 reusable cloth swim diapers. They do provide you one of their swim diapers, but you are welcome to bring your own- which is good news for all you cloth diapering mamas! I love cloth diapers and love using them as swim diapers (you just remove the insert) so this was instantly appealing to me.

dolfin swim school dallas toddler lessonsAlthough I was easily won over by the use of cloth swim diapers, convenient and clean changing facilities, and the snack options that each kid gets to leave with, it was ultimately the level of swim instruction taught during the lesons that converted me to a loyal costumer of Dolfin Swim School.

I really appreciated that the 30 minute lessons were packed full of instruction and safety skills. Although playing and getting comfortable in the water are very important (and they did do some of this in the lessons), I don’t want to feel like I am paying someone to supervise my child playing in the water. I want them to be teaching them survival skills and swimming skills.

It’s amazing to see a young baby support himself on the side of the pool and (with little assistance) pull himself out safely. It was also very comforting to be able to watch my 2.5 year old learn how to jump in the pool and immediately reach for the side to pull himself out. The most important lesson they teach “waterbabies” is to learn to turn over upon falling into the water and float on their back calmly. This is a potentially life saving skill, and I’m hoping to keep my boys in these lessons long enough to master it.

Dolfin Swim School baby lessonsDolfin Swim school goes beyond baby and toddler water-safety skills. They teach all levels of swimmers, and even have their very own competitive swim team. Family swim nights are hosted twice a month and provide a great environment to spend time with your kids swimming and getting more comfortable with their instructors. It really is a great facility and a fun place for kids. If you have a little fish needing to celebrate a birthday, Dolfin Swim School would be the perfect host!

I have been thrilled with every aspect of Dolfin Swim School. I’m not surprised to hear how many of my friends also take their kids there and love it. It’s one of those places that you are thankful to find and eager to share the recommendation.

This is a sponsored post by Dolfin Swim School, and I was provided complimentary swim lessons to review. All opinions expressed are my own.


  1. Yes, I am always eager to share a recommendation for Dolfin Swim School as well! Not only have my son and I had a great experience there during his Baby Dolfin classes, but as you’ve expressed, Linda has gone above and beyond to accommodate our particular situation as well (baby dolfin swimmer whose mama was getting too big with her twin pregnancy to continue to get in the water). Their instructors are warm and caring and very knowledgeable and great with the kiddos as well. I’m so happy they came to our neighborhood!


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