Throw an Awesome Dinner Party without Cooking


IMG_4532There are not many things better than having a group of family or friends over for a dinner party.  Good food and drinks, and if you’re our friends, inappropriate jokes and TONS of laughter.  I love everything about it, except for the cooking. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE cooking magazines and I enjoy walking through the aisles at Central Market. I just don’t like the pressure of cooking for a group of people while also manhandling my 2 and 4 year old in the kitchen.  If only I could HIRE someone to do the cooking. Well, you can, and I did.

This all started when I was invited to a girls’ night at a friend’s house. We were asked to come over for cocktails, a 3- course dinner, and casual cooking instruction for around $35/person. Upon walking in the door, I was hit in the face with amazing smells and a fancy cosmopolitan.

This was awesome. IMG_4541

The night got even better as I watched, Audrey McGinnis, a Master Chef contestant and owner of Every Girl Gourmet, whip up cocktails and dinner for all of us gals. For those who were interested, she gave out instruction and tips as she cooked. Others who were just thrilled to be out of the house, enjoyed the fruits of her labor while hanging out with friends.

In the end, my belly was full, I had fun AND I went home with a recipe book of the evening’s recipes.  

IMG_4534Fast forward a year and my husband and I wanted to throw a dinner party at our place. I can’t even cook a frozen waffle well at this point in my life. The hubs is for sure the better cook in the family but was too busy with work. DING DING DING! I remembered my experience with Every Girl Gourmet and thought to reach out to see if she was free.

Sure enough, Audrey rolled in and saved the day.  All I had to do was get on her website and choose a menu (actually that was not THAT easy.) She grocery shopped, came to the house early, and all I did was grab some extra wine and made sure my kids didn’t break anything.

Audrey cooked, gave cooking instruction to those who were interested, listened to IMG_4548our bad jokes, and even CLEANED THE DISHES. My husband said that alone made it worth it. Not to mention that it was really fun, incredibly easy, and everyone left having had a good time. SUCCESS!

So there is a way to host a fabulous and affordable dinner party without cooking. Check out Everygirl Gourmet to get some ideas or find her on facebook.

Sally was not compensated for writing this post. She just had wonderful experiences and wanted to share her secret with other busy moms who like to entertain!





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