There’s a Princess in my Living Room!


Princess Party

I don’t know about your house, but every single day my (now) 3 year old, Stella talks about Ariel.  She has an affinity for bath time (multiple times per day) so that she can play with ALL her mermaids. I don’t even need to tell you how many she has collected between Christmas and her January birthday.  Dare I say, I have the cleanest toddler on the block! 

When planning her birthday celebration, I heard about a wonderful company called Royally Fun Parties where you can hire a princess to make an appearance at your party or event.  When I saw Ariel was an option, I knew that I would officially blow Stella’s mind and also win “Mom of the Year” in her eyes if I could pull it off!  With several different packages ranging from a very affordable $100 all the way up to $230, I knew this was the route I was going to go!  (Side note: For the BOYS in your life, their brother company Real Hero Parties can offer a superhero alternative!) 

photo courtesy of Melissa Spencer

Some background on the founder, Melissa Spencer: “I have been singing forever and have always loved making children feel special, especially in the area of showing them God’s love for them. I was planning my daughter’s Frozen themed birthday party a couple of years ago and we thought it’d be fun to dress up as Elsa together. I had so much fun doing that and hanging out with all her little girlfriends (who were all dressed up in their favorite princess dresses) that I decided to start the business and give it a try! With God’s blessing and the gifts and talents He gave me, the business blossomed and I now have an amazing team of performers who I am honored to work with! We realize dressing up as kids’ favorite characters, we have an amazing platform. So we use that platform to teach kids about the importance of being beautiful on the inside and how that’s what truly matters. Disney already does a great job of giving each princess character traits that are admirable, we just take it a step further.”

Needless to say, when ARIEL showed up at our front door, it was the surprise of Stella’s life.  Each performer is also required to be able to sing.  When she did her rendition of “Part of Your World” the entire house fell silent.  “Ariel” was absolutely incredible and so very talented and the girls were mesmerized.  They played some games, read a story, and then Stella received a birthday girl coronation complete with a crown and certificate for her KINDNESS.  


Here we are almost 3 weeks later and my daughter is still asking if she can go visit Ariel and Eric at their castle.  What a wonderful and memorable day for our sweet girl! 

If for some reason, Royally Fun Parties doesn’t have availability for your event, there are a few other companies in Dallas that offer similar services.  

Fairytale Princess Parties DFW

DFW Party Princess

If anyone has an idea how I can top this party for next year… please let me know! 🙂 

Worth mentioning: I did not get paid to promote this precious business.  I just genuinely wanted to share the impact that they had on everyone in attendance that day.  


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