The View From Valley View


Okay, okay, I know what you’re thinking. Who even goes to Valley View mall anymore? What stores are even still open in that mall? I ask the same thing every time I’m in that mall because it is a GHOST TOWN. The stores that do (miraculously) remain open are super strange, and you’re not very likely to run into hardly anyone.

The upside of this deserted, semi-creepy mall is the great, non-crowded play area. The play area is similar to the Galleria, albeit not as awesome, but you don’t feel like you have to have your child on a 3 foot leash in fear of losing them in the insane crowd of pre-nap time moms. Don’t get me wrong, I do love the play area at the Galleria, it’s just too crowded for me. The play area at Valley View is pretty sparse, and you can actually sit (us 9 month pregnant ladies love our sit-time) and watch your child play in the confined area. This makes it a great place to meet several moms with their kids, especially since you just might be the only people there!

A few other things I like about this place to play: the bathrooms are fabulous. They are right outside the play area and are kept super clean. There are nursing rooms, plenty of family restrooms, and diaper changing stations. Super convenient! There is also a tiny little carousel right outside that only costs a few quarters, and a big carousel near the play area that is only a couple bucks. The little one is perfect for little ones to enjoy and the big one is your typical, motion-sickness-inducing carousel. I’m usually not a sucker for these things, but I feel like it makes the experience a little better since the mall is so pitiful.

I’m not sure how much longer this mall will be around for. So if you are looking for some easy, free indoor play, you better go enjoy it before it inevitably gets leveled to the ground.



  1. love the valley view play area and how empty it is! and since the mall is so empty, it’s great for letting the little ones just run all over the place since you aren’t having to dodge many people!

    • You are actually who I heard about it from! And yeah, we totally let Kyler run through it to get there, but he usually stops a few times to dance to the music that is blaring through out the empty stores 🙂

  2. I did my Christmas shopping at Valley View this year and am so glad I did! It was so easy to get in and out of the mall quickly with a baby in tow and I was able to park close to the entrance. Love avoiding the crowds!


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