The Ultimate Mom of the Year 2021


Dallas Moms was created to build a community for moms who are looking for friendship and encouragement, who are all in this together. We may not always have the same opinions, parent the same, or have similar backgrounds, but we all know it takes a village to raise these tiny humans. We cannot do it without the support of one another!

To champion our mission, we are thrilled to announce the 2021 Mom of the Year!

A mom holds several different titles in one day. She can be the working mom, the SAHM, she’s a taxi driver, a chef, a referee, a friend, a nurse, a cruise director. You name it, she does it! And she does it out of love all the time. She’s the glue that holds us all together and she deserves to be recognized.

What is the 2021 Mom of the Year?

Dallas Moms is currently accepting submissions for a mom you think stands out from the others. Here are some things to consider when nominating a deserving mom:

  • Does she make a difference in the lives of her own children or others’ children?
  • Does she offer encouragement to others around her and set a good example?
  • Does she actively participate and give back to the community?

This may be your own mom, your spouse, your friend, a grandmother. We want to hear all about her and how she inspires you!

The Details

We are going to select 10 moms from our community and brag about them on our website and social media pages. We are partnering with local brands to spoil these moms and all their efforts to make each of us better one day at a time.

You can submit an application for yourself or for another deserving mom. (See the application below!)

The Timeline
  • Complete the nomination form below
  • Applications will be accepted April 5th – April 22nd (noon CST)
  • The Dallas Moms team will determine the top 10 candidates on April 26th
  • Voting for the 2021 Moms of the Year will run from April 26th – May 4th (noon CST)
  • The winner will be announced on May 6th

**Nominees must live in the Dallas area.

We have partnered with several businesses in the community.  The 2021 Dallas Moms Mom of the Year will receive swag from the following brands valuing more than $1,000:

Thank you to all our sponsors for supporting our moms!



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